Three Ways Inside Sales Outsourcing Generates More B2B Leads

Find out how outsourcing inside sales can lead you to more opportunities.
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Outsourcing is a great way for upcoming companies to grow and expand at a lower cost.

It allows companies to learn to find the balance between quality and cost.

Typically, it happens when any size business needs to grow fast, or when a small startup wants to minimize the risk of its first hires. By finding companies that outsource experts in the subject, with tools and methods already set and proven, businesses know they are in safe hands while they expand. Often, if not always, this also means completely remote work.

If you feel identified with that description, read on to learn if outsourcing your inside sales is right for you.

Benefits of Inside Sales Outsourcing

Outsourcing inside sales to support, or completely take over your sales department can save you so much time that you can use to focus on more strategic decisions.

According to a report by DePaul University, it takes an average of 15 months to get a newly hired SDR on "full productivity", but the average tenure is about 18 months. After you hire an SDR it takes time until they're all set. They need to be trained and their organization has to provide the software for optimal performance.

Let's be honest, this definitely can be scaled up - fast.

And with outsourcing, it can happen in just a few weeks.

We talked about time efficiency, now let's get into costs. One single Sales Development Representative (SDR) can cost an organization up to $150.000 per year. Projected onto a whole team the costs can be frequently higher. Outsourcing your sales can cost much less in many ways: salaries, tools, training, office, tech set-up, etc.

Besides the costs for organizations to have in-house SDRs, you also need to consider the time and effort put into hiring high-quality SDRs. Only the process of finding the right candidates for the first interview can take weeks.

Outsourcing means having experts ready to go.

By outsourcing inside sales, you can rely on SDRs who have the knowledge, skillset, and software to get the job done. Companies like SalesPipe, provide SDRs and BDRs to your business based on company size, sales goal metrics, and experience.

Outsourcing sales can help you target new or underdeveloped markets, support new product and service product launches, and provide experience within a certain sector from a sales viewpoint.
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Way 1: Spreads the Word of Your Brand Via Outbound

Before potential customers will make use of your products, they need to know about your brand.

When people go online today they get a bunch of ads and offers from so many companies. It is impossible to rely solely on inbound marketing to arrive at potential customers. Inbound marketing is powerful, especially for tiny and low-budget firms, but customers can't look for something they don't know about if they don't know it exists in the first place.

With outbound strategies, you can increase your brand awareness by directly reaching out to your prospects from your target group or ideal customer profile. The advantage of a well-executed outbound strategy is that you control what your prospects read or hear, and what your current offering to help their business is.

By outsourcing inside sales, you get SDRs that already know how and whom to target, identify their pain points and provide them with a solution for it. Competent SDRs are able to form genuine relationships with prospects and gain their trust.

It's also a great way to test many different kinds of messaging, to see what resonates the most among prospects. There can be different aspects of your service or product depending on the targeting, and the time of the year. It gives you a very dynamic way to showcase why they should buy your service or product. Your outsourced SDRs can experiment with utilizing humor, memes, GIFs, and jokes. They can get prospects to sympathize with you and your company. They become your customer because you both share the same values.

SDRs communicate with a wide range of prospects over many channels to build good relationships. Whether they're communicating with a prospect via email, call, giving a virtual presentation, sending them a pre-recorded video or a voice message, word of your company is being spread.

Another way that SDRs are sharing news of your company, is by posting constantly on social media, like LinkedIn.

This is called social selling, a form of modern relationship-building. Engaging with potential leads on LinkedIn can help you become the first brand that comes to mind when they're ready to buy. It can also be used to complement your other outbound strategies.

But why does this work? According to LinkedIn Sales Solutions internal data:

  • Social selling leaders (SDRs) create 45% more opportunities than peers with lower SSI.
  • SDRs that prioritize social selling have a 51% higher chance of meeting their sales targets.
  • 78% of SDRs outsell peers who don't use social media.

Also, according to Statista, your prospects and customers are already engaged in social media. Given the sheer number of individuals who use social media nowadays, the opportunity to make social sales is enormous.

To sum up:

When you outsource inside sales, you will get expert SDRs, who already know how to deliver the word of your brand more effectively, since they are already trained on outbound strategies, who will contact the right prospects with different messaging, and who will also know how to effectively post on LinkedIn.

Way 2: The Experts Qualify Leads for You

If you've ever worked in sales, you understand how important lead qualification and targeting are.

Just because you can generate many prospects with the highest data quality, it doesn't mean that all of them can be turned into buying customers. It depends on the prospecting quality, the right product fit, and the adequate prospect to reach out to inside the company.

Prospects who are not interested in your product or brand, or who are merely looking for additional information without purchasing anything, are considered low-quality prospects - there is no motivation to do business with them.

Another sign of a bad lead is someone who has unrealistic expectations about pricing because they don't see or understand what difference the actual product or service can make for their business.

It's a waste of time to follow up on a weak lead.

And, if you're like the majority of SDRs, business owners, entrepreneurs, or pretty much anybody on the earth, your time is extremely valuable. You certainly don't want to get 45 minutes into a call just to realize that this lead is not a good fit, and have your Calendly filled with prospects that potentially don't fulfill the requirements of your ideal customer profile.

Outsourced inside sales companies do the research and personalize your outreach

To generate high-quality leads it's important to do research on your target group. You want to find out what the pain points of your potential customers are and how your product or service can solve that pain. Outsourced inside sales companies can do this for you.

And go beyond finding out.

Because once the pain point is identified, the best outsourced SDRs focus their outreach to personalize it based on this pain point.

Personalization is key to increasing engagement rates and actually getting you a foot in the door to start a conversation that can lead to a sale. Even if it doesn't lead to a sale right away, this can be a relationship that an SDR will nurture, until it is the right time for the prospect to become a customer.

Outsourced inside sales companies invest in high-quality, dynamic data, and tools

To do successful research, data and tools are needed. With a sales outsourcing company, you have a partner that understands the great importance of this aspect. They will have their own tools and AI, with tried and tested methodologies.

This can save you a lot of time, as they will focus only on already qualified leads. By the time the meeting gets to you, you know it will be a good call.

Outsourced inside sales companies measure results

Everything in sales is about numbers, especially results. To keep their goals in mind, outsourced sales companies document every step, measure, change and results they achieve for their customers.

For lead generation, aspects like "percentage of leads dropped" or "percentage of qualified leads" are essential to measuring the efficiency of the outreach strategy.

Other important aspects to measure are open rate, reply rate, and conversion rate to test the efficiency of the SDR. And an outsourced sales company will always make sure that this happens, as it is valuable information for them as well.

Outsourced inside sales companies are already experienced

One of the most crucial points is expertise.

SDRs and BDRs from outsourced sales companies have a well-trained sense to take over the sales process of their customers, and already have messaging that works. They know their work and are good at it, and do not shy away from all of the steps of making a sales process function as it should.

Way 3: Outsourced SDRs Test Out Your Messaging

By outsourcing your inside sales, you will also get SDRs that test out various kinds of messaging. They will already have the expertise that allows them to experiment, and this is crucial because outreach strategies always need to be changing in order to be effective. This can be called A/B testing.

One outreach strategy is cold emailing. To spark the prospect's interest in your product or service, your cold email must be relevant, prepared, and address the prospect's largest pain point. Aside from that, your cold email should have an engaging subject line, appealing email copy, a clear call-to-action (CTA), and a strong email signature.

Simple tests like sending numerous subject lines to see which one gets the highest open rate, to more elaborate tests like comparing completely different email templates to see which one gets the most click-throughs are examples of A/B testing.

A/B testing can be performed in many ways:

1- Email Content Testing

Changes in messaging might be seen in specific places in your email. For example, to improve open rates, you can test an email with two distinct subject lines.

With each email you send, you may test hypotheses and acquire insights by testing email content. When properly structured, you can quickly zero in on the right messaging.

2- Cold Messaging Testing

You need a testing process that can improve the solutions you offer in your emails, in addition to techniques for a specific subject line, CTA, or value proposition.

Which of a buyer's three to five pain points is the most significant? What is the most effective strategy to present or approach that suffering to a particular buyer?

Even if you're hitting on the right topics, your emails may not be approaching them in the most effective way of asking the most pertinent questions.

3- Order of Sequence Testing

You should have a testing method in place that can optimize the sequencing of your emails to maximize the outcomes you generate.

What's the ideal email to send after you've decided on a winning theme for step one? Is it better to send a follow-up or a themed email?

You can examine the overall performance of your messaging using multiple sequences. While this method of testing takes longer, it helps you to create an ideal buyer experience.

The more you know about buyers and their buying process, the more you'll be able to anticipate the questions, objections, and education they'll need to take action over time.

An expert SDR from an outsourcing sales company will successfully achieve all of the essential aspects of cold email copy. They will also know how to convert an apparent not interested prospect, into a potential customer, by engaging them with the right questions, because they will have knowledge of your industry. They know the overall pain points and will educate the prospect on how your product or service will solve their issues.
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Sales is the most important aspect for a company to survive. Without people buying your product or service, you can't do much.

Therefore, it needs expert people who can handle it.

The tasks of a salesperson are very complex and running an in-house sales team can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Especially small companies who would rather focus on product development or launching. Working with external, experienced partners will be more cost-effective and results in more sales.

Outsourcing your inside sales can grow your company to a huge size and open up new opportunities to beat your competitors.

Get in touch with us, and learn how you can benefit from outsourcing your inside sales team with SalesPipe.
Post by Mattes Wöstemeier.
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