5 Reasons to Hire an Outbound Calling Service

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Lead generation is a crucial component of any marketing and sales strategy.

Despite this, it can be seen as a grueling process to get through with no one-size-fits-all solution. This leads many organizations to outsource cold calling and other outbound lead generation methods.

A good 68% of companies reported that they struggle with lead generation. Another 61% of salespersons in B2B marketing said that lead generation is their biggest roadblock.

When marketing and sales become such a challenge, outbound lead generation services come into play. They help your business cut costs while generating qualified leads at the same time.

Since businesses succeed or fail based on how they generate interest in their services and products, lead generation should not take a backseat for any organization. Getting help from an outbound calling service can greatly boost your company's ROI directly.

In this article, we will walk you through what an external outbound sales development representative (SDR) team can do for your business and why you should consider outsourcing outbound sales.

What is an Outbound Calling Service?

Outbound lead generation is when a company shares messaging of their products or services to a target audience. This occurs regardless of whether the prospect has expressed an interest in the company.

In contrast to inbound prospecting strategies, outbound lead generation requires considerable effort and perseverance.

One important aspect of the outbound process is making calls to initiate contact with individuals that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP) in order to generate interest in the business. As old school as this method sounds, about 70% of salespeople still connect with prospects over the phone.

But making outbound calls that produce results requires talented marketing and sales teams that work together. It also requires companies willing to make a considerable monetary investment in the hiring, training, and retaining of salespersons.

This is where outbound calling services come in.

When companies want to save overhead costs associated with setting up an internal team, they can outsource outbound prospecting.

An outbound calling service is one in which SDRs and BDRs make outbound calls to existing and potential customers on behalf of a business. They do this in order to promote said company's products or services and convince people to engage with them.

A company providing outbound calling services uses distinct metrics and data to measure the success of its salespersons and experts. These metrics can include anything from cost per call to total calls made to revenue earned. They will always keep track.

This is different from an inbound prospecting service where they use other types of metrics.

Using their expertise, outbound calling companies increase a business's sales by following up with prospective clients, testing untapped markets, and developing good customer relationships – all of which combine to make your business a success.
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Why You Should Outsource Cold Calling

In 2021, SDR outsourcing was one of the top lead generation trends.

Their work largely revolves around the earlier stages of the sales process, with a focus on generating, qualifying, and then nurturing leads. SDRs make the core of your sales pipeline, since, without them, you don't know who to sell to.

The objective of your SDR team is to use outbound techniques to research your prospects and convert them into qualified leads. This can include using methods such as cold calling, cold emailing, social selling, and appointment setting.

A company that is experiencing growth can save on its budget while adding value to its services by hiring an outbound calling service. Doing so will also help it edge out its competitors. An outsourced cold calling team simply has a higher set of skills to target the right people and provide better insights within a short span of time.

Additionally, businesses with a long list of leads can benefit from the services of trained outbound professionals. Instead of wasting their time and money on every lead, cold-calling experts can give companies qualified leads along with real results.

There is a misconception that when you outsource cold calling, you tend to lose control over your sales generation effort. That couldn't be further from the truth.

If you hire the right sales development reps at a reputable lead generation company like SalesPipe and set a specific criterion to follow, you should have the same level of control as you do internally.

Using an outbound calling service is a no-brainer for B2B businesses that are either already achieving growth or are looking to scale and grow. Such is the case that outsourcing lead generation operations can produce 43% better outcomes than executing everything internally.

If that hasn't convinced you, read on for five more reasons why hiring an outbound calling service makes sense for your organization.

5 Reasons to Hire an Outbound Calling Service

1. An Outbound Calling Service Saves You Time

With 93% of converted leads being reached only on the sixth cold call attempt, there is little doubt that outbound calling takes time out of your day.

And building and managing an internal SDR team typically involves a fair amount of trial and error coupled with time and resources. There are many decisions to make. Among many others, you have to worry about:

  • Which compensation models work?
  • How would you tackle loss of motivation?
  • What will be your team's outreach methodology?

SDR outsourcing bypasses these issues by giving organizations a clear direction in which to proceed, saving a tremendous amount of time. An outbound calling service conducts the appropriate research by testing tools, messaging, and processes along with discovering your business's ideal customer profile.

Most sales reps spend a major portion of their time prospecting and researching which leads to approach and which to let go. On average, they spend three hours every single day on the research itself.

Imagine your internal team adding this to their daily tasks. It reduces the quality of research and the overall process itself. Bringing in people whose expertise lies in doing research gives you a fully qualified sales pipeline.

It will accelerate your business's growth and, without wasting any time, would get the best leads in your sales team's hands without unnecessarily distracting or burdening them.

2. Your Employees Can Focus on What They Do Best

According to HubSpot, 40% of salespersons report that prospecting is the hardest part of the sales process. This is easy to see why when you realize that you have to make an average of eighteen calls to close one sale.

Something else that should be factored into this is the amount of time it takes to simply reach a prospect – let alone close a sale. It can take an average of eight call attempts to reach a prospect.

This is why outsourcing your cold calling efforts essentially frees up your in-house sales team to focus on other tasks and execute them more effectively.

They are able to nurture better relationships with your potential customers and, consequently, close more deals. Hiring an outbound calling service is a win-win for everyone involved in the lead generation process.

3. Outsourcing Your SDRs is More Cost-Effective

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing cold calling is the revenue it saves you. Surprisingly, it is also one of the most overlooked factors.

The average tenure of an SDR is estimated to be around twenty months. Hiring an internal team means your business has to consistently manage fluid processes, costly tools, and constant lead targeting.

The truth is, anyone who understands anything about hiring knows that it is an incredibly expensive process. So much so that hiring a new salesperson costs around 50% of an SDR's annual salary.

But that's only the beginning. You also have to consider the time it takes to find the right talent. How many websites are you posting to? How many interviews are you conducting? How much time is spent on those interviews? How about the normal burdens of HR such as carrying out background checks?

The expense of these decisions adds up. The cost implications of not going the DIY pathway can be a lot less than one-sixth of this.

So, if you are confused about whether your organization should go in-house or outsource cold calling, the considerable price discrepancy that occurs is a good place to start.

4. You Don't Have to Worry About Training In-House

Your in-house employees are trained for their job description specifically so that they perform their duties efficiently and effectively. While they may be willing to take on additional responsibility, the fact of the matter is that there is only so much they can be good at.

Your sales team is probably not trained for responsibilities associated with customer service interactions unless they are professional phone operators. By using your own staff, you are essentially throwing away revenue by paying for time spent on the phone with little to no ROI.

By hiring a professional outbound calling service, you will be ensuring expert help immediately and get your outbound lead generation process rolling in no time at all.

5. You Get to Work with Experienced Professionals

An outbound calling service will make your business reliable.

A professional agency providing cold calling services has a sales process already established and ready to go. They have a set of functions, techniques, and activities that produce consistent results.

Their output speed will be a lot quicker with better quality leads being generated without any delays due to vacations or sick days. These companies provide you with experts that know how to give a worthy presentation of your business.

Furthermore, for an outbound calling service, it's not simply dials, leads, and a conventional script. 80% of sales are closed only after the fifth follow-up. An outbound expert will not only commit to keeping your prospect fully engaged throughout the campaign, but they will also be diligent in following up with people to make the most out of each lead.

As sales professionals, third-party cold calling companies are also aware of the value of insights and data. They will be able to provide much more than just filling your pipeline with the first sales call. They have the right set of technological tools for collecting market data and using that information to continuously refine your sales pipeline, giving you further insight into your ideal customer.
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While many people will insist that cold calling is a thing of the past and it is the "age of inbound," as we've seen, outbound is not out of the question.

Outbound calling is still very much alive and well, and an integral part of the lead generation efforts of many companies.

Anyone wanting to achieve success in their outbound efforts should be thinking about outsourcing. Hiring an outbound service will serve as the best lead generation strategy for understanding potential customers.

You can reach out to one right now by getting in touch with us here at SalesPipe.
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