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As we've continued to grow and seen the world of SaaS sales and SDRs change in the past few years, the team here at SalesPipe realized how important it is for SDRs to have a community.

Being an SDR is hard work – we know this, you know this.

SDRs need support and like-minded people on whom to bounce ideas.

And so, the SalesPipe SDR Community was born.

What Is Our SDR Community About

Our community is, primarily, about forming connections with like-minded individuals around the world.

Thanks to the advent of remote work, being an SDR for top SaaS companies is now a possibility for more people than ever before.

From lifelong salespeople of different industries to former teachers or athletes, becoming an SDR is now an entry point to a larger, more connected world for many people.

Our community aims to connect such people with each other and help them network with each other.

While our team at SalesPipe is itself such a group, we realized there was significant potential for this to go further.

There are many SDRs out there that would benefit from the support of joining a group of folks in a similar situation. And we're here to help them find this support.

Made by SDRs, for SDRs, our community is about forming life-long relationships and connections with folks in similar roles throughout various industries.

Why Join the SDR Community

We've already covered that our community is aimed at networking and connecting, but that's not all we offer, and why you should seriously consider joining it.

First, of course, we offer the support of the SalesPipe team as experienced SDRs.

We post various resources weekly, from LinkedIn hooks to cold email frameworks, for SDRs to learn and try out for themselves. And our members are encouraged to also dissect them and try to add or figure out why they might work or not.
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Secondly, we share both wins and losses.

In our wins section, we also share the messaging that helped us land a meeting so other SDRs can dissect it and see why it worked, and if it might work for them. Our hater's section helps us understand why someone responded negatively, and also commiserate on the very angry responses SDRs sometimes receive.
Thirdly, our opportunity section.

SalesPipe works with freelancing outsourced SDRs, which means opportunities for jobs come in often. Our CEO will post about the opportunities on the relevant channel, and members of the community are encouraged to get in touch with him if they are interested. We want to help SDRs find the opportunities they need to grow, and if it is a good match, you'll be put in contact with the client and start working for them.
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Finally, all of our additional content and discussion space.

From a chat room for our community members to converse about any topic they'd like, to relevant message board sections for email deliverability, LinkedIn strategies, AI implementation in sales, and more. We've created a space for any salesperson in SaaS to share their expertise and learn from others.

Make sure that you're informed about the conversations happening in the world of SaaS sales and not missing out. Share sales tactics you've tried and gain insight into your industry and others by connecting with members of the community.

You never know what a connection in the community may bring you further down the line!
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How to Join the SDR Community

Given all the benefits, ready to join the SalesPipe SDR Community? It's easy!

Simply click HERE and then sign up to access all of our content and find your next SDR opportunity!

All are welcome to join, from sales veterans to novices, and best of all?

It's absolutely free!

We look forward to seeing you around.
Post by Flor Fustinoni.
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