The Best Pitch Deck Templates on Reddit

What sales reps can learn from these pitch decks.
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As sales professionals, we are pitching to new customers every single day.

It turns out that we're not the only ones whose job is to persuade.

In the startup world, one of the most important assets founders and executives can have is a pitch deck. A pitch deck is a slideshow that demonstrates what the business does in order to raise investment capital.

Not only are pitch deck templates used in the startup world, but they're also used for film. Our first pitch deck template from Reddit is, in fact, a pitch deck to investors for a movie!

It's just like selling, except to investors instead of customers.

To see how we can use this in sales, I looked for the best pitch deck templates that Reddit had to offer.

So what can sales professionals learn from these pitch deck templates we found on Reddit?

This Pitch Deck Got Funding at Cannes

Don't Let Go was a film proposal by David Gleeson and Nathalie Lichtenthaeler. It was later renamed Don't Go and premiered at the next year's Cannes.

The film would've never happened if it weren't for this pitch deck.

I found this pitch deck template on this Reddit post looking for examples related to screenwriting.

Both Gleeson and Lichtenthaeler are veterans in the film industry, which might explain why they got funding.

But if they had a poor pitch deck, would they have earned the funding they needed?

Probably not.

So what made this pitch deck template I found on Reddit so appealing?

The typography is the same for both the titles and body texts of all slides.

The slides are also geared toward a specific theme using darker color tones. This makes the viewer intuitively understand what the mood of the film is going to be.

Finally, the photography of the slides produces an ambient feeling for the viewer. Notice that less than a handful of the images focus on the people. Almost all of the images focus on the environment of the scene.

They focus on what's going on rather than who's there.

Now let's talk about sales.

Can you imagine sending a prospect a pitch deck that had different fonts on each slide? Or a pitch deck that gave the prospect different colors per slide? Or a pitch deck where the imagery didn't add to how the prospect should feel about your brand?

That wouldn't make for a good pitch deck!

Aaron Davis, the graphic designer of this pitch deck, proved that you can use imagery and uniform design to sway anyone pretty much anything.

If he can make a pitch deck template that wins money at Cannes, you can make a pitch deck that boosts your sales.

The Deck That Sold The Impossible

A Reddit user posted what they called the "largest collection of pitch decks." Without a doubt, this library of pitch decks is impressive.

Startup consultant Alexander Jarvis collected over a hundred pitch decks and analyzed them. Out of the ones on his site, the most impressive was the first Airbnb pitch deck.

Airbnb was a tiny company only run by three founders. The concept of Airbnb was unusual at the time.

Who would want to stay at a stranger's home? How do you know you will be safe?

These were questions that the Airbnb founders faced in their tough journey raising capital.

So how did an obscure startup with such a wacky idea end up being a billion-dollar behemoth?

It's the pitch deck.

Unlike the pitch deck template in the previous example from Reddit, Airbnb's was not fancy. (Ironic since two of the three founders went to the Rhode Island School of Design!)

Like the previous example, however, Airbnb used the same typography and color schemes throughout. Even if it wasn't flashy.

So what made Airbnb's pitch deck template so effective?

It's simplicity.

In only ten slides, the Airbnb founders answered all the questions that investors had for them.

What is Airbnb?
Third slide from Airbnb pitch deck
How do I use Airbnb?
Sixth slide from Airbnb pitch deck
Pretty simple, right?

One of the hardest things anyone can do when they're selling something is to simplify their offering.

In sales, we send out email sequences that explain what we're selling paragraph after paragraph. We do this over sequences of several emails.

What the Airbnb founders showed is that, no matter what you're selling, you can write it down in one sentence.


The two best pitch deck templates I found on Reddit taught us how to effectively sell to prospects. You need bold color schemes, brand uniformity, and simplicity.

How will you apply these lessons to your sales strategy?

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