Simplifying outbound sales prospecting.
Managed SDR as a service.
We provide SDRs and BDRs to companies looking for sales growth. Our SDRs and BDRs have the knowledge and skillset to get the job done.
We provide SDRs and BDRs to your business based on company size, sales goal metrics, and experience. We only give the size that fits you.
We help hold your SDRs and BDRs accountable. Your success is our success, which means our SDRs and BDRs must be achievers.
Work with the best SDRs and BDRs
SDRs and BDRs tailored for you
Outbound prospecting in the right hands
We're an outbound prospecting service.

We have the best SDRs and BDRs in the game.
Whether it's one or many SDRs and BDRs, we've got you covered.
Some of the best technology companies use SalesPipe.
Fitted For You
Proven process for connecting you with the right SDR/BDR for your business.
We make it easy to get the perfect SDR/BDR in a week or less.
SDRs and BDRs that stand out
Real examples of SDRs and BDRs creating intrigue through outbound sales prospecting
Modern SDRs and BDRs that know technology
Clear, straightforward pricing.
Better than the headache and hassle of hiring SDRs internally.
Internal SDRs
+$100,000/yr per SDR
Minimum 90 days ramp

Risky, may not fit

$5,500/mo per SDR

Already proven

Time efficient