Simplifying outbound sales prospecting.
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Managed SDR as a service.
Trusted by great companies
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Work with the best SDRs
We match high-quality, vetted SDRs with companies looking for sales growth. Our SDRs are verified to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skill set to get the job done. We also have resources for SDRs to ensure continuous improvement of their craft.
Scientist matching SDRs with companies
Custom matching, fast
No matter what sales skills you need, we provide you the perfect SDR every time. We provide SDRs to your business based on company size, sales goal metrics, and experience. We only give the size that fits you.
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Skin in the game
We help hold your SDRs accountable. Your success is our success, which means our SDRs must be achievers. We only welcome SDRs to SalesPipe who are reliable and are well-accomplished.
We're an outbound prospecting service.

Generic options aren't the best when you need expertise.

Remove the risk from finding, hiring, and managing SDRs.

That's what we do.
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One-off SDRs or help building a sales team, we have you covered.

Some of the best technology companies use SalesPipe.

Proven process for connecting you with the right SDR.

We make it easy to get perfect SDR in a week or less.
SDRs that stand out
Real examples of SDRs creating intrigue through outbound sales prospecting
Any skill, any technology
SDRs work within the tools you already love.
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