Sales Outsourcing - 9 Advantages of Outsourced SDRs

Learn why outsourced SDRs are the way to go.
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Do you want to grow your business, but can't get enough customers?

Here's what can help you improve your sales team - outsourcing.

Feel uncomfortable with giving away control?

Then make sure to read through this article that will show you how outsourcing can be the cure to all your woes.

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What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is a business strategy where a company or startup outsources its sales processes and responsibilities to an external third-party company.

In this agreement, the external sales outsourcing provider becomes responsible for various sales functions, such as lead generation, outbound or inbound prospecting, cold calls, cold emails, customer follow-ups, and sometimes closing deals.

Market research, lead generation, or even daily sales operations, including answering incoming calls or making outbound calls, can all be outsourced.

This means you can hire an outside company to handle the majority of the sales process.

It's common for B2B companies to outsource their top-funnel activities, such as lead generation through outbound prospecting. Startups tend to outsource sales to be more flexible, focus on product development, and grow quicker.

Who Should Outsource Sales?

Any startup struggling to get enough meetings with prospects booked should consider outsourcing this step at first. Often, this applies to tech startups.

Startups are often founded by people who have unique and innovative ideas. These people can transform their ideas into revolutionary products or services.

The problem?

Smaller businesses lack the expertise to bring their innovations to the market.

This can be because the employees aren't qualified to sell their products or because it's hard to find and hire SDRs. Additionally, hiring, onboarding, training, and preparing an SDR costs money. Small startups might not have enough budget for it, as most of it is used for product development or production.

Still, the goal for startups is to grow.

Outsourcing a skilled and experienced salesperson that takes over parts of the sales funnel such as lead generation or even cold calling and cold emailing, can be the right step.

Still unsure?

Let's go over some advantages companies with outsourced SDRs have.

9 Advantages of Outsourced SDRs

1- Get a Foot in the Market

Time is money when your business is just getting started. You can reach the market faster if you hire an external SDR team.

First, because hiring and training an internal team typically takes significantly longer than an outsourced workforce. Second, compared to internal sales staff, particularly a new internal sales team, many outsourced sales partners have greater experience. They are therefore able to make connections with prospects a lot quicker.

Organizations can focus their messaging on particular industries or regions with the use of outsourced SDRs. This accelerated ramp-up is crucial when your product is sophisticated or has a prolonged sales cycle.

2- More Cost-Effective Than an In-house Sales Team

Long-term SDR employment is generally challenging to maintain and will definitely cost you a lot of money.


Assume you have invested time and resources into building up a hiring procedure. You made the best choice in your hire. Onboarding and training them has cost you time and money once again. You waited out the normal six months to see how they were affecting your pipeline.

Only for your representative to leave after five months.

It can turn out to be a complete waste of your money, with no guarantee that it will pay off.

Also, if you check the numbers for internal costs, you'll realize how expensive in-house teams are.

An in-house SDR team typically costs between $6,000 and $10,000 per SDR per month to hire.

This does not include the price of the subscriptions for the tools and software they need to be effective and productive. Some programs, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, have a monthly fee of an extra $100.

Training SDRs requires time and can take one to three months or longer. Months may pass after the trial term is done before they can provide you with the ROI you want.

Alternatively, outsourced SDRs will give you a supportive force for your sales team. You have someone to contact in case of a problem; you can even get a new SDR if needed.

Instead of bearing the bulk of the costs upfront without guaranteeing it will be worthwhile, you simply pay a monthly charge.

3- Risks are Lower

The fact that you reduce your risk might be the biggest advantage of outsourcing sales teams.

You'll get dependable performance from an outsourced sales development team that is fully staffed and highly targeted, guaranteeing that your pipelines are consistently filled with the highest caliber leads.

You eliminate many of the risks involved in creating and managing sales teams by outsourcing them, including the risk of making the wrong hiring decision.

Ultimately, outsourcing your in-house team's prospecting, appointment planning, and follow-up will reduce the amount of downtime they encounter. You'll always begin sales conversations with a warm, qualified lead thanks to consistent performance and richer pipelines.

4- Opportunity to Expand to New Markets

An outsourced sales team can quickly create a sales process from start to finish, whether it's for a new product, a new market, or a new ideal customer profile (ICP) for your business.

Hiring a local company can be rather beneficial if you want to grow in a new country because they are familiar with the laws, local economies, business regulations, and all associated dangers.

Another advantage is the time difference. If you plan to do prospecting with your in-house sales team, their working hours will increase and overwhelm your SDRs depending on the time zone.

Outsourced sales teams that are able to work remotely can adapt to the time zone of a new market or country and will handle this circumstance easily.

You have more options for experimenting and trying a new approach because the costs are modest, and you can withdraw at any time.

5- Access to More Talent

As we've seen, finding and hiring sales reps can be challenging. The process also costs a lot of money when you consider all the recruitment costs and the time spent.

An outsourced sales team means your talent pool has increased significantly. You are no longer limited to hiring within your city, state, or country. No more checking on the budget for hiring someone across the country and helping them relocate.

Outsourced sales teams have the best of the best and can connect your company with talented people.

You can have access to a team of experts with years of sales development experience when you select an outsourced SDR team. These SDRs are better able to handle the intense pressure of early sales since they have concentrated their careers.

Additionally, they may share their knowledge, best practices, and lessons gained to assist you in developing a successful and efficient sales process.

6- Benefit from the Best Technologies

Did you realize that when you hire an outsourced sales business, you receive more than just a team of individuals? You gain access to their sales technology as well.

This means that you do not need to add more people to your technology stack if you do not wish to, nor do you have to work with untrained SDRs. Outsourced SDRs are familiar with several types of CRMs and sales tech, and are always able to adapt.

Further, with such a broad range of expertise, your outsourced sales team will be able to support the implementation of a full technology stack to meet your unique requirements as well as aid in helping you maximize the value of your present systems.

7- Fast Feedback from SDRs

Using an outside sales team has the added benefit of allowing your product development team to receive feedback from your SDR's sales conversations. This not only helps you better understand the issues facing your market, but it also enables you to improve your product in order to address those issues and provide the best customer experience.

Of course, the customer success team has the task of talking with clients about problems they're facing and how these can be solved.

SDRs, however, can receive concerns from prospects that can be easily spread internally so that your product or service is more attractive to a wider group of people.

8- Speed Up the Closing Process

Trying to close deals and prospecting at the same time can decrease the efficiency of salespeople.

Both tasks have different purposes and require a different mindset.

So your internal AEs can focus on closing deals by hiring an external sales development team.

Your internal sales team will gain from the information and insights your outsourced SDRs can share about each new lead with a good, open-ended partnership. You can arrive at a sale faster if you have such information to guide vital sales conversations.

The above nine points are just some of the most common advantages companies find when they outsource their SDRs. Often, businesses will find even more positive outcomes when working with outsourced sales companies, such as SalesPipe.

9- Transparent Contracts with SalesPipe

Since the contracting is transparent and openly communicated (that's how we do it here at SalesPipe), you simply make use of the monthly subscription system.

It doesn't bind you longer than you wish, and you are always welcome to add more SDRs or quit altogether.


If your startup is struggling with building your sales pipeline with high-quality leads, outsourcing sales is definitely something you should consider doing.

Even if you're doing well with prospecting, expanding your sales team with outsourced SDRs can help establish your company internationally. Especially with SDRs from remote regions - you can benefit from SDRs who have knowledge about new markets.

If you want to hire SDRs internally or expand your sales team with outsourced SDRs, SalesPipe has you covered.

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