Impact of Outsourced SDRs in SaaS

Learn what you can gain by working with an outsourced SDR.
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The impact of outsourced SDRs in SaaS in the last few years cannot be underestimated or ignored.

If you're a SaaS company looking to grow quickly, efficiently, and successfully, you should be considering outsourced SDRs as a serious option.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the SaaS industry, and why outsourcing sales development is the way to go to get exceptional business growth.

Read on!

Overview of the SaaS Industry

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, refers to a cloud-based software delivery model, in which users can access the software applications online. Software is hosted on remote servers, maintained and updated by the respective providers, and made available to customers.

Examples include Slack, Netflix, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.

During the pandemic, the SaaS industry grew by leaps and bounds. Despite some restructuring in the past few years, it is still growing and is expected to grow to $328.03 billion by 2027. The biggest SaaS niches to currently consider are:

  • Healthcare and health tech
  • Cyber security
  • eLearning
  • AI

SaaS continues to grow even with the restructuring and reforming of products. But for companies to develop correctly, they must find the right niche, the right value proposition, and the correct SDR to connect them to their customers.

Importance of SDRs in SaaS

SDRs, or Sales Development Representatives, are pivotal for SaaS companies that are starting to grow.

A SaaS company will have trouble meeting its revenue targets without a good BDR. They connect SaaS companies to their clients: they prospect to find leads that match the customer profile that would benefit most from the product, craft the messaging, and receive instant feedback that they can bring back to company leaders.

SDRs are the face of the company to potential customers.

They build your company brand with social media engagement and posts, messaging, and calls. Prospects become familiar with your product and company through your SDRs.

Without a competent SDR, your company won't be able to scale its sales and brand-building efforts correctly and consistently. You'll likely miss out on qualified leads, have difficulty figuring out your messaging, and build a pipeline much slower than your competitors.

If you truly want your SaaS business to grow, you must invest in a high-quality SDR.

And the most high-quality SDR you can get is an outsourced SDR.

How Outsourced SDRs Impact SaaS Companies

Outsourced SDRs impact SaaS companies in five key ways.

Outsourced SDRs work for a third-party firm specializing in sales professionals, such as SalesPipe.

Companies like ours can connect you with the best SDRs in the game to get you quality leads so that you can continue to grow your SaaS business.

Since SaaS is done primarily online, outsourced, remote SDRs are an excellent investment for smaller SaaS companies looking to grow revenue.

Here are five ways an outsourced SDR will impact your SaaS company:

The Cost-Savings Benefits

The first and most impactful point to remember is that an outsourced SDR will be good for your cost-saving efforts.

Hiring an internal SDR is a long, expensive process. And they come with the additional cost of a monthly salary and benefits you must cover.

New SDRs also take a while to become familiar and comfortable with their tasks truly. Ramp-up typically takes about 10 months before you see true success.

With an outsourced SDR, you typically pay a monthly subscription fee. You can renew, quit, or return to that service anytime. This model is much better for your wallet as a new, slowly growing SaaS company than hiring someone on your own full-time.


The second thing an SDR brings is the possibility to scale your outreach efforts more than ever before.

Even just one outsourced SDR can work from multiple mailboxes, make multiple calls in blocks per day and engage with prospects across social media, helping you scale your efforts further than ever before.

You can imagine what can happen when you hire even more than one.

You Get Access To Specialized Sales Expertise

As I mentioned, new SDRs will take around 10 months to ramp up indeed.

Outsourced SDRs are already heavily experienced and familiar with the ins and outs of SaaS sales. They're a guaranteed formula for early success for SaaS companies in the growth stage looking to acquire more clients without breaking the bank.

Additionally, you gain access to new sales technology and SDRs that know how to use it.

Outsourced SDRs will know what a CRM is and how best to use it. They'll be able to adapt to your strategy quickly and your sales enablement tools and come in with new technology of their own that can tailor your needs.

Not only will they be fast to pick up your strategy, but their expertise will be invaluable to you as they can suggest new angles for you to try as well.

You Can Increase Your Focus on Core Activities

Automation can do a lot, but you still need someone to run certain parts of the early stages of any sales process.

Prospecting, messaging, calling, following up, setting up product demos, qualifying leads.

These activities require human attention and take time away from improving your product.

Having an outsourced SDR solely dedicated to sales processes and enablement will return all that time back to you. You can focus on improving your product, improving your customer service, building stronger bonds with your existing customers, and finding new verticals to explore.

Even once you find those verticals, you can have your SDRs help you by taking over the research and coming back to you with the results so you can make informed decisions.

You Get a Pass to a Diverse Pool

Outsourced SDRs generally work remotely and come from all walks of life.

This means you get a more diverse talent pool, which means you will gain more insights into different markets and strategies you can use.

Someone with experience in real estate or teaching can be great at cold calling. A former journalist or academic can be incredibly good at messaging.

Additionally, you gain access to worldwide talent.

This means culturally different people that offer new perspectives based on their experiences to how you are planning your strategy. And that you can potentially try out new markets via experts in those markets before committing to them.

For example, want to expand in Latin America, Germany, or Japan?

Outsourced SDRs can be from those countries and guide you into the best way to break into the local industry. They can provide the correct messaging, the best way to prospect, and how to best connect with your target market.

You won't have that advantage by hiring internally.


Outsourced SDRs are the answer for any SaaS company that wants to grow fast - the impact they will bring to you will be felt from the very beginning of working together.

They come with the expertise required to successfully navigate a sales process so that you may dedicate yourself to the bigger picture. And they are a lot better for your bottom line as they will save you significant time and money while taking scaling your sales efforts tenfold.

If you're interested in the best-outsourced SDRs in the game, be sure to get in touch with us.
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