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How SDR as a Service can bring you more business.
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Now more than ever, companies are outsourcing remote sales teams to do the same job as one would at home. Outsourcing has proven its place in our digital economy.

Why get something at home when you can buy the same thing for much cheaper elsewhere?

Between the availability of B2B SaaS tools and highly educated workers throughout the globe, there is a service economy for every need.

This article examines the service economy for outbound sales - what we call "SDR as a service," a service provided by SDR outsourcing companies.

You will learn about SDR as a Service and how to find the best SDR outsourcing companies.

What is SDR as a Service?

SDR as a Service runs an outbound sales team with lower costs and effort by outsourcing tasks to an SDR outsourcing company.

Such tasks include lead generation, lead nurturing, outbound outreach, reporting, and more.

SDR as a Service is appealing to companies looking to make more revenue because the costs of bringing on an outsourced SDR are dramatically lower than the cost of hiring and onboarding an in-house employee.

This allows sales teams to scale quickly without the time and expense required to create a scalable frontline sales team.

It can take months for a company to not only interview candidates and hire an in-house SDR, but also to train them and get the job done well.

An SDR as a Service company solves that problem because its specialty is outbound sales - it is all they do. They have the tools and experience to help you generate leads right away without worrying about the time and financial constraints of onboarding.

In addition, SDR as a Service companies save customers money because they can scale their sales teams quickly.
The burden of SaaS platforms is a serious problem for even experienced sales teams. There are plenty of options in the market for managing outbound prospects and leads, and there's always the temptation to try new platforms and potentially switch to them. All that takes a lot of time, analysis, and energy overall.

Most businesses don't have the time to do that. Time must be spent converting prospects to leads and leads to customers.

That's why SDR as a Service is so useful - they already know what sales outreach tools to use and innovate their usage.

You can even get an SDR outsourcing company to manage your entire pipeline while you focus on other areas of your business. Finding time to run the perfect outbound operation can be hard if your team is busy creating a new marketing campaign or building a new product. With SDR as a Service, you get expert team members who can handle your sales pipeline.

They also ensure every interaction with your prospects is personalized and successful. They use custom tools to make sure your messages are personalized and well-timed. They also use the best tools to make personalization possible.

SDR as a Service can come in many different forms, including SDRs working directly with prospects or teams that manage entire pipelines for you while you're focusing on other parts of your business.

Why Hire SDR Outsourcing Companies?

The first benefit is that it allows you to create more sales reps. When you're at a certain size, especially when your business is growing, the possibility of hiring more SDRs can be impossible. Investing in outsourced teams can help you scale far beyond that point.

As described in the previous section, getting a new outsourced SDR started is much easier than an in-house one. The same logic applies to hiring multiple ones.

It's normal for SDR as Service companies to give the customer at least three outsourced SDRs when making a deal. Because everyone has already worked with previous companies, they don't require the same time required for onboarding as an in-house SDR.

This applies no matter how many you hire.

Hiring multiple in-house SDRs requires each individual to be properly educated on everything on the job. SDR as a Service eliminates this from the agenda.

See the infographic below on the difference between in-house and outsourced SDRs.
In-House vs Outsourced SDR infographic
The second benefit is that outsourced SDRs help you reach your lead-generation goals quicker.

Since each outsourced SDR already has experience working with multiple companies, their background allows the customer to enjoy a successful campaign quickly.

It's not uncommon for a SDR as a Service company customer to get meetings booked with prospects in the first week of hiring their new outsourced SDR.

The third benefit is that outsourced workers are experts at what they do. Your new outsourced SDR doesn't need special training to understand the job and succeed. They already have the necessary tools: cold email templates, outbound SaaS tools, etc.

The fourth benefit is working flexible hours without dealing with office politics or personality conflicts. While an outsourced SDR can work closely with your team, they're at your firm to get the job done - nothing less and nothing more. They can do this from anywhere worldwide as SDR outsourcing companies tend to be remote.

The fifth benefit is that they are very affordable.

A typical in-house account manager will make almost $60,000 a year on average, depending on the size of the company hiring him. He or she might also work 50-60 hours per week during high-activity periods.

However, an outsourced SDR costs as much as 30-50% less than a full employee, meaning that you get three to five times the productivity for every outsourced SDR.

This is yet another advantage of using SDR as a Service.

Another benefit is market validation.

Have a concept that you haven't tested in the market yet? Instead of sending surveys to target demographics, you can skip this step and "sell" to potential customers immediately.

Your outbound strategy can be your market research arm.

Best Practices for SDR Outsourcing Companies

While hiring outsourced SDR companies is a good idea, employ one that knows what they're doing to get maximal results.

One thing to look out for when talking to an SDR as a Service company is the overall quality of the team they are providing and their qualifications. Good questions to ask to ensure quality include:

  • How many customers does your SDR as a Service currently provide for?
  • How many years of experience does your team of outsourced SDRs have in total?
  • What is the average length of time we should expect in getting a meeting with a prospect?
Asking such questions will help you understand whether or not that specific SDR outsourcing company is a good fit for you.

Another thing to consider when choosing your SDR as a Service company is the compensation plan. Some companies will offer you multiple service tiers (i.e., Silver, Gold, and Platinum), while others may only provide one tier or none.

One more thing to consider when looking for SDR outsourcing companies is what kind of industries they currently and have previously worked with. Your industry might be too specialized for the SDR as a Service company that you're talking to.

Or maybe not.

The best SDR outsourcing companies have worked with businesses in several industries. They've proven that no matter your industry's niche, they can help you make sales.

One more best practice of top SDR outsourcing companies is how often they re-engage with old prospects to book meetings with them. Effective SDR as Service companies will take your prospects from being silent to being super ready to have a call with you.

The best SDR outsourcing companies have the courage and the assertiveness to follow up on any prospect without hesitation. They pick up the phone and give them a ring or send them an email.

Many prospects convert into leads by being re-engaged. Most prospects don't respond to the first email or cold call they receive from an SDR.


Hiring an SDR outsourcing company to generate leads makes perfect sense no matter what stage your company is in. You can use SDR as a Service to do anything from making more revenue to performing market validation - all while saving thousands.

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Post by Noah Levy.