4 Summer Tips For Remote Work and Productivity

Remote work has its perks, but you need a plan.
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During any time of the year, a successful remote work schedule can be tough to manage.

In the summertime, you might be thinking about taking a vacation to the beach or going on an adventure in another part of the country.

Here are some tips for working remotely during the summer.

#1 Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule can really help you when it comes to working remotely. It will give your day boundaries for working time vs. personal time and help you be productive. You don't need to be perfect; but rather create a structure that strives for a healthy balance between work and personal life.

#2 Block Your Time

Time blocking is a great way to stay focused on what you need to get done. Budget time slots whether it's for smaller tasks or bigger projects that can take multiple hours. Remove any distractions like notifications so you focus on what you need to be doing during that time block.

Don't forget to give yourself breaks throughout the workday. Taking breaks is also time blocking! Start with at least 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon for planned mini-breaks.

#3 Create Workspaces

When working from a home office, it may be easier to set up your workspace. The first two points above are about when. Creating a workspace is about "where".

If you travel during the summer, you may be working from unfamiliar places. It's best to have a plan for what your reliable workspace(s) will be. You may be able to set up a comfortable workspace from your accommodation or you may not. Nearby cafes are an option (with coffee!) or even a local public library can provide a quiet, distraction-free place.

Where you work is certainly as subjective as how you work, so it will depend on what helps you be productive. The most important part is to plan your workspaces and be consistent so you are not losing time trying to find a workspace vs. actually working.

#4 Reward Yourself

Here is a counterintuitive one: Don't forget to reward yourself, especially when you are proud of the work you've achieved for the day or week. Taking care of yourself outside work hours helps you get re-energized and prepared for the next day.

It can be small: meditating, leisurely downtime, entertainment, time out on the town, etc. Whatever it may be, your remote work process should account for de-stressing and re-charging.

In design, the term "white space" or "negative space" helps emphasize the elements around it, such as a logo. The same concept applies to remote work. The best remote process factors in the negative space and this directly translates to productive working hours.
One size doesn't fit all, just like this advice. What do you do similar to these points? What do you do differently?

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Post by Lucy Zorrilla.
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