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Everything you need to structure a successful cold email.
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What's the difference between a cold email that no one reads and reacts to and one that books dozens of meetings? Is it because of the subject line? What is the length? The way the copy is written? Or is it the content's ideas that are valuable?

The answer is a mix of all of the above.

It's both an art and a science to writing the perfect cold email. It might be difficult to find a balance between being nice and getting to the point.

What to Consider When Writing a Cold Email

Subject Line

The subject line of your email has a big impact on whether or not your prospect opens it.

Of course, the open rate is affected by both your personal and business names. To put it another way, this is the strength of your brand and the strength of your relationship with the prospect.

The subject line is similar to an article's headline. You're scrolling through your newsfeed when a title catches your eye, and you open the article.

The mechanics that drive the subject line are the same. It's the hook that entices folks to open the book and creates anticipation for what they're about to read.


Many of us spend a lot of time on the cold email phase. The question is, how do we move from an introduction to the pitch?

Relate to a particular pain point rather than a general one. Demonstrate that you've worked in the field before. For instance, "low click rate on Google rankings" and "improved SEO" are two different things.

When I'm looking for a partner, I try to discover out what their goals are (e.g. win with good content marketing). Then I change my pitch to "hey, let's collaborate to develop fantastic content to achieve X, Y, and Z."

Finally, the body is a blend of empathy, in-depth knowledge of the prospect, a splash of humor, and proof/results for credibility.


The subject line persuades the prospect to open your email, while the story tickles their interest. But the job isn't finished yet.

The last goal is to describe what the following step is. There are several call-to-actions: book a meeting, watch a video, sign up for a free trial, call to order, open a link...

You don't want your prospects to be wondering what to do for too long, so only have one call-to-action.

Consider friction: how can you create an email conclusion that avoids you from sending unneeded emails back and forth?

Here's a Great Example of a Cold Email Formula From Us

Example of a Successful Cold Email Structure

Short Subject Line

It's a lot easier to get a prospect's attention if you say something brief, simple, and to the point. In addition, short subject lines pique the reader's interest.

Personalization in the First Line

When it comes to sending an effective cold email, personalization is crucial. Your response rate will increase if your cold email is more personal.

Introduce Yourself

Create a few short self-presentation scripts that describe you, your company, service, market niche, or unique benefits. Test, analyze, and adjust your email introduction until it works perfectly.

Humor Is Good

Emails with humor have a 46% open rate, according to Yesware. Humor is an excellent method to connect with your prospect and improve the chances of a response, but it must be used correctly.

The Pain and Relieve Formula

The power of this strategy comes from the fact that people are motivated to behave by either pleasure or pain. You have a much better chance of persuading your prospect to take action if you trigger a response to a situation that is relevant to them.

Non-Frictional CTA

Asking the prospect will persuade them to respond with a response. However, don't forget to ask a question to them so they know what to respond to.

Extra Tips

  • Be relevant and precise in the cold outreach email.

  • Send follow-up emails when you do not get a response from the prospect for your first email.

  • Write personalized cold email copy that follows the cold email strategy.

  • A/B test and set goals for your cold email campaign.


Cold emails don't have to be frozen. If you can reach the right prospect and catch their interest, cold outreach can lead to significant opportunities.

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Post by Lucy Zorrilla.
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