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SalesPipe is the best way to work remotely and flexibly with top startups.

Freelance with flexibility

Work flexibly from anywhere in the world with SalesPipe. We offer remote SDR and BDR roles that allow you to have a work-life balance, breaking the chains of the corporate 9-5.

Strong team collaboration

Friendly group of sales development representatives come together to support with resources, tips, and best practices on Slack and other collaboration tools.

Access to the latest technology

Besides working for the best tech startups, you will have access to the latest outbound sales tools and methodologies to help you scale on your sales game.
Startups embody flexibility, and so does the role of an SDR/BDR. Pursue your passions while becoming a top-performing sales professional for tech companies.
At SalesPipe, we only use proven sales tools and methodologies. We will guide you every step of the way in mastering them, so you can become a top-performing SDR/BDR.
Work-life balance
Sales tools & methodologies

Work at SalesPipe

Escape the corporate world and help the best startups grow
Work with top-performers and sales experts from our team. We encourage communication and collaboration on our Slack channel, where we share ideas and templates.
Develop your skills, take on increasing responsibilities, and have a clear trajectory for growth - that's what startups are all about!
Collaborate with experts
Career progression
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You will have access to the best tools, support and career growth
  • Work with industry-leading startups
  • Collaborate on our fully supported Slack channel
  • Access to exclusive outbound sales content with weekly updates
  • 1-1 time with team members
  • Guidance around remote work
  • ... and more!
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SalesPipe is the best way to grow as an SDR or BDR