SaaS Sales Predictions for the Rest of 2021

Experts predict what's next for SaaS Sales.
SaaS Sales Predictions for the Rest of 2021 cover
According to Forbes, it's predicted that by 2024, the SaaS industry will have grown to $369 billion - an astronomical increase of nearly $200 billion in just five years.

This fast-growing market is a dream for investors. There are plenty of opportunities out there and many more companies waiting for their turn at success.

A global pandemic has left the world in a state of chaos. We've learned to live with it by using SaaS platforms, which have given us more privacy and independence than we would have had otherwise.

We've relied on SaaS sales channels more than ever - especially when physical places shut down!

While we don't have a crystal ball, we do know that the future of innovation is at our fingertips.

This year, the SaaS industry has seen unprecedented progress in leaps and bounds. It can be difficult to imagine what else will emerge over these next few months.

But with guidance from experts who work in high-performing sales teams, there are signs pointing towards even better days ahead as 2021 comes to an end.

We asked the SaaS community the following question: What are your thoughts about what's coming for SaaS B2B Sales for this second part of the year?

1- Salespeople Will Be Looking to Work With Companies That Share the Same Values

Rob Whitley, Founder and CEO of SalesPipe. When he's not connecting the best salespeople with companies, you can find him weightlifting.

"The major movements of remote work and freelancing will continue to shape B2B sales. Companies will be looking for non-generic, expert solutions that are tailored to fit their needs.

"Sales development representatives will be looking to work with companies that share the same values such as flexibility. With increased demand and evolving needs on both sides, connecting companies and salespeople will need to be addressed with more elegant technology and efficiency."

2- It's Going to Be More & More Difficult to Build Impactful Prospect Relationships

Karl Kaiser, Enterprise SDR at ChiliPiper, is genuinely interested in solving business problems. In his spare time, he is a dedicated traveler and runner.

"I think that with the hyper growth of technology this past year there's been a concentration of resources around selling any solutions that can provide value in an uncertain environment.

"That caused lots of new entrants into tech sales, but volume didn't necessarily keep up with quality and that has introduced more noise than I thought existed previously. So my main takeaway is that a lot of interference has been introduced into an already concentrated market, it's going to be more and more difficult to build impactful prospect relationships."

3- SaaS Companies Should Be Doubling Down on Their Marketing & Technology Spend

Eric Griffing, Sales at Astronomer, helps thousands of companies, including Fortune 500s, tech giants, and early-stage startups. In his spare time, he looks for the best BBQ in Texas.

"This year I believe SaaS companies should be doubling down on their marketing and technology spend. There are several forces like the no-code and low-code movements that are lowering the barriers to entry on launching a SaaS product so we see competition rising in every SaaS category.

As SaaS becomes highly competitive, it will be key to increase marketing and drive a higher share of sales through inbound. For outbound sales using intent signals and data will no longer be optional, it is now table stakes."

4- There Is a Huge Push for Mental Healthcare & Telehealth

Evan Anderson, BDR at Stratasan. After 13 years of serving in the Army and traveling around the world, he entered the SaaS world.

"From my perspective, the Healthcare Tech space is going to continue to grow in the second half of the year. With all of the demand for more and better data, data security, electronic medical records on one side, and then there is a huge push for mental healthcare, telehealth, etc."

5- Bigger Companies Will Be Buying Up Smaller Companies

Michael Judge, Senior SDR at Turtl. He is passionate about people, communication, technology, and building relationships.

"I think there will be more acquisitions in the latter half of this year with the bigger companies buying up some of the smaller growing but large businesses ie Gong, Outreach, Salesloft, Zoominfo, etc."

6- Growth & Acquisitions

Luiz Cent, Head of Sales at Mailshake, helps 43,000+ sales humans succeed with the best sales software. If he isn't on a Zoom meeting, you can find him practicing yoga on South Beach or planting plants in the Miami Jungle.

"What is coming for SaaS B2B growth in the last 2 quarters of 2021?

"Growth & Acquisitions.

"In the first half of 2021 Gong raised $250 million, Zoom Info Acquired Chorus, Mailshake Acquired Warm up Your Email. There is a ton of investment going companies that enable workers to be more productive remotely.

"I see the last half of 2021 filled with more growth & acquisitions as the incumendents continue to acquire new players in the SaaS world."

Post by Lucy Zorrilla.