What Is a SaaS Buyer Persona?

Learn how to target the right prospects.
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Before you start any sales process, you want to know who you're selling to.

This is true, from clothes to software, no matter what you're selling.

As part of preparing your go-to-market strategy, you do research into your target market and define your customer profile.

The next step? Making a buyer persona to help you define your target audience even better.

And in the world of SaaS, where we operate here at SalesPipe, you want to make a SaaS buyer persona specifically.

Read on!

SaaS Buyer Persona - Definition

A SaaS buyer persona is a detailed representation of your ideal customer, designed to help you create messaging that resonates with their needs and motivations. Understanding who you're looking to reach and crafting messaging that speaks directly to them can increase your chances of success in the SaaS world.

To create a buyer persona, you'll need careful research. This involves delving into the industry you're operating in, identifying the roles and positions most likely to benefit from your product or service, and pinpointing the specific problems you're looking to solve.

Once you have a clear picture of your ideal customer profile, you can develop messaging that speaks directly to them. And if your offering caters to multiple audiences, you can create distinct messaging that speaks to each one.

So, what goes into a buyer persona? Typically, you'll start with basic demographic information, like age, gender, and occupation. But the real value comes from digging deeper into the psychographic details - their values, interests, and goals. Creating a detailed picture of your ideal customer, will help you craft messaging that truly resonates with their needs.

Why Are SaaS Buyer Personas Important?

SaaS buyer personas are very beneficial for SaaS companies, as they keep companies focused on customer priorities and not their own when it comes to outreach. This means your sales outreach comes across as a lot more organic and relevant, making it far more likely to lead to a positive interaction with the prospect.

Additionally, SaaS buyer personas help companies:

Reduce Costs

The effectiveness of any marketing or sales outreach campaign will significantly increase thanks to SaaS buyer personas.

Costs are reduced as you will be aware of what works for specific personas in terms of outreach, and you will not be spending on figuring it out once again. You'll have your winning formula ready to go.

Create Relevant Content

The content of your campaigns will become relevant and specific, increasing your chances of converting. As you've done your research into their pain points and additionally understand your buyer's mindset, the content becomes specific to their needs.

This increases your chances of converting leads into buying customers, as you demonstrate you know their industry and their problems.

Simpler Communication

You will find your business communication is heavily improved by utilizing buyer personas. After all, you know what they like and what they want. Communicating becomes easier, and you can improve loyalty and upsell more.

After all, you've spent time understanding what your customers want, so communicating with them is easier than ever.

Enhance Customer Engagement

As communication is easier, so is customer engagement. It makes it easy to address customers' concerns and help them. Multiple needs and customers can be addressed as you've established buyer personas, and you are able to address various needs.

You are not limited to the customers you can help, and your solutions fit several buyer personas.

Product or Service Becomes User-Friendly

Thanks to your SaaS buyer persona, you will be more aware of your customer's needs. Your product or service can be changed accordingly, thereby increasing your customer retention and your chances of success with other, similar prospects.

The more user-friendly your product or service becomes, the more you are responding to your customers and prospects' needs.

How to Create a Buyer Persona

Now that you know the benefits of creating a buyer persona, let's go over how to create one.

And remember, the closest to reality, the better.

You want it to be based on real-world data and strategic goals to have the most impact on your strategy.

Research, Research, Research!

We can't stress this enough - the key to your SaaS buyer persona working is doing thorough audience research.

You should be finding out about your existing customers, the audience your competitors are targeting, and your social audience. Through social media analytics, your customer database, and tools such as Google Analytics, you can narrow it down even further to include:
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Challenges
  • Stage of life
  • Spending power and patterns
  • Business size and the decision-makers

These are all key components of your buyer persona that you will need to compile to build it.

Identify Your Customer's Goals & Pain Points, & Match Them with Prospects

As part of your research, you want to chat with your existing customers to learn more about their goals and pain points. Speaking with them, you will be able to understand how your product or service fits into their needs.

Based on this, you can then match their needs and find similar prospects that you will be able to help as you've already helped your customers.

Understand how Your Product or Service Helps Your Prospect's Pain Points

You can then use the above information to begin thinking beyond the simple features of your product or service, and delve into the true benefits of what you can offer your prospects.

How does your offer ensure your prospect's life will be easier?

And from this, you will then craft the relevant messaging that will resonate with your prospect and gain you their trust and attention.

Create Buyer Persona

Having done all of your research, you can now start looking for points in common. The more similarities you find, you can then begin to segment your audience accordingly.

You give your buyer persona a name, job title, home and further defining characteristics to flesh it out. The goal is to make it as realistic as possible.

For example, for SalesPipe, our buyer persona could be SaaS Founder Ben. He's 35, lives in Seattle, is a fan of remote work, travels twice a year to hiking-focused destinations to work remotely from, and boxes in his spare time. The information is very similar to a dating profile.

This buyer persona is the identification of a core audience of 30-year-old SaaS Founders who enjoy the outdoors. That would be the audience segmentation, but as we can see, the persona offers a description that is a lot more detailed and specific. You humanize your prospect, which helps you connect with them when it's time to craft your messaging and reach out to them.

You also want to be sure to describe who each persona is currently and who they aim to be. This helps you envision how your product or service will be useful for them in the long term, and it helps you strategize how to accomplish this goal.


A SaaS buyer persona is a must for any company figuring out its sales strategy, especially if they are offering SaaS.

Without it, it is very easy to lose track of your customer's needs and focus only on your goals, which is detrimental to those very same goals in the end.

Make sure you read through the steps and have one made before you start your outreach if you want to be successful.

And, if you're in need of top-notch SDRs to help you connect with your buyer persona, be sure to get in touch with us!
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