Rebranding Statement: SalesPipe

Today, we're excited to introduce SalesPipe, a new brand identity that better communicates our work.
spin selling cover photo
We're super excited to announce SalesPipe with a fresh new brand identity that really shows our dedication to providing the most efficient outsourced SDRs.

Our goal is to help those fast-growing startups keep the growth and sales train moving full steam ahead

Why Has SalesPipe Rebranded

SalesPipe started in 2017 to help startups take their cold outreach to the next level through experienced SDRs.

As we expanded our team with new Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and welcomed startups from around the globe, it became clear that employees and tech startups desired a strong sense of connection with the company they work with.

We felt that we needed to change to reflect better our new and improved team.

That's why we switched to techie branding, with vibrant colors and a modern logo to capture the spirit of SalesPipe.

We believe that our new branding will help us better serve our customers and provide them with the support they need in their sales growth journey.

With this rebrand, we also hope to attract more future-oriented SDRs who want to join our team and help startups grow.

What brand elements are changing

The following brand elements are changing

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typeface
  • Illustration style

We kept SalesPipe's name as a crucial part of our brand to uphold our mission of offering sales development services to startups. As you can see, we remain dedicated to our commitment to empowering startups with effective sales strategies.

We were also careful to use a font and color palette that resonates with today's digital world, highlighting the technological aspects of SalesPipe while still keeping an eye-catching design aesthetic.






Illustration Style

What Does SalesPipe Mean?

SalesPipe offers tech startups a comprehensive sales pipeline through effective cold outreach sales methods. We provide our SDRs with the necessary tools to grow in their sales development journey, ensuring their success.

With our rebrand, we plan to increase our customer base and reach more startups who are looking for help on their road to sales success. We also want to provide our existing customers the best service possible, so they can continue using our services and achieve desired results.

What's Next for SalesPipe

We are committed to delivering exceptional service to both our existing and new customers. Our highly skilled SDRs possess in-depth knowledge of modern outbound methods, ensuring that we can meet sales goals in today's busy market.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help your company drive sales and growth.
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