We Wrote 100 Blog Posts.
Here's What We Learned

100 blog posts are worth celebrating!
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If you're looking to write content that drives engagement and leads, then taking a close look at the successes and failures of your own writing can be incredibly valuable.

That's why we wanted to share what we've learned from our experience of publishing over 100 blog posts for SaaS companies. Here, you'll find an insightful deep dive into the lessons we've extracted along the way and how to use them to optimize your blogging efforts.

So kick back, put on some coffee, and join us as we get deep into just what it takes to create engaging content for SaaS!

What We Learned After Writing 100 Blog Posts?

Quality > Quantity

Quality content will always be better than simply writing a blog for SEO. And quality content takes what it takes to get written.

That can be long-form, 2000-word articles, but it can also be a quick blurb of 500 or 800 words.

The last thing we want is to stuff up words and make long blogs simply to attract attention via SEO. Not only does the quality of the content suffer for it, but over time it is far more likely to harm your ranking than help it.

If you focus on truly educating your reader and giving yourself the room to do so, it is quite easy to meet the appropriate word count per subject.

The More We Write, The Better Bloggers We Become

Just as exercise becomes easier over time, so does writing.

The more we write, the better we are, and the faster we can produce top-quality content that is easier to read than previous material.

And we also become better SDRs/BDRs.

We do research and learn so deeply about sales to communicate with our audience that we can absorb and apply this knowledge to the sales side of our jobs. When communicating or explaining sales concepts to clients, we have our email expertise, but we can also follow along with their ideas and strategies and suggest new ones as well.

It allows us to call ourselves expert salespeople fully.
Mattes, one of our SDRs and content writing experts, remembers that writing blog articles has positively impacted me in many ways.

I remember when I wrote my first blog. It took me a week to get 1500-2000 words together. And even then, a lot had to be edited.

After a few weeks and months of writing blogs, my performance improved. I became faster at researching, understanding, and executing.

Writing blogs became a task that helped me continuously expand my knowledge, and incidentally, my typing speed on the computer improved.

Of course, I have also learned a lot about SEO and know how and where to turn the screws to increase the reach of a blog.

Besides the SalesPipe blog, I have also been writing blogs for Unfiltered for quite some time.

Unfiltered is a software tool that is used in the field of email deliverability. I write blogs about IT-related topics like sender scores, blacklists, ESPs, etc.

Besides these very technical areas, I can say that writing about sales topics has helped me as an SDR. I was able to deepen my knowledge of sales techniques, terminology, strategies, etc., and apply it directly. My weekly training in the sales area was and is always given by writing sales articles.

All in all, I can say that writing is an effective way for me to learn about new topics because it helps to understand information by putting them into my own words. A great task that helped me understand the basics of my tech career.

Variety is the Spice of Life

We could be writing endless articles about the benefits of hiring outsourced SDRs. It's what we do, and it's what we offer.

But we've discovered that our audience, and us as writers, can grow further.

As such, we've taken to covering and informing readers about wider topics in the world of SaaS sales and personal interest topics, such as the rise of remote work.

This approach keeps our minds fresh as writers, our brains keen for research, and our readers informed on so many different topics that they know they can come back to be educated on various subjects that interest them.

    Diversification is for Winners

    Starting late last year and going into this year, we began to experiment with re-purposing our blog content into a multi-channel approach on LinkedIn, as articles. We also turned to YouTube, making short explanatory videos of sales terms based on our success there.

    We are very excited about diversifying our content because as great a resource as our blog is, we think we have even more to offer!

    Having studied similar multi-channel approaches, we've concluded that diversifying is the way forward, and we're jumping in head first.

      As For the Right Way, the Correct Way, & the Only Way, it Does Not Exist

      We said from the beginning that our blog has grown through a trial-and-error process over time.

      And it will continue to do so.

      Even now, we are finding new ways to optimize existing content or to re-purpose it in other ways. Or even mistakes such as different types of image sizing, keyword usage, URLs, and more.

      It does not mean those errors can't be fixed simply because we are doing something wrong now. We believe in trying different things and learning from our mistakes or miscalculations.

      After all, you never know what will stick or change in the future.

        So... What's Next?

        So what will we do to take our blog further this year?

        The sky's the limit for us, but we have some concrete plans in store.

        We started a multi-channel approach towards the end of last year and will be expanding it: we want to continue sharing our content on LinkedIn and incorporate YouTube and videos into our work.

        Additionally, we will continue to expand our topics for both salespeople and founders or company leaders to find the answers they seek.

        As we learn more about the world of SaaS sales and all that it entails, it also keeps changing, so we want to help others stay on top of it while educating them.

        Readers can expect the same great educational content this year!

          Meet The Team!

          The blogging team at SalesPipe has had a variety of writers over time with many roles, but the current efforts are due to three individuals who also work here as SDRs.

          All of them have a significant impact on across-the-board Marketing efforts.

          Our Head of Design Lucy Zorrilla, and content contributors Flor Fustinoni and Mattes Woestemeier.


            From this experience, we can draw three major lessons: quality is always more important than quantity, writing more leads to a greater ability to craft engaging content, and variety is necessary to keep your readers engaged.

            There may be no one way to blogging success, but discovering what works for you and your audience will lead to far more exciting results. As for the next step in our journey – we'd love for you to meet our team as we learn new techniques and stay curious about the latest marketing trends!

            Let's move forward together as a community – don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive all of our most up-to-date sales resources. It's going to be an exciting road ahead!
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