Why We're One of the Top Sales Leads Companies

We're biased but it's true.
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At SalesPipe we don't like to brag, but when the shoe fits who are we to argue ;)

We know we are one of the best sales leads companies and, in this article, we will prove it to you.

After all, you want to know and be sure that you are working with the best and right people for you and your needs.

What Qualities Do the Top Sales Leads Companies Have?

Let's first understand what sets apart top sales teams.

Forbes outlines eight critical points for all sales teams in organizations looking to scale their business.

Central European University provides a different type of list, focusing on startups scaling their sales teams to truly hit the ground running.

Both lists are good and reveal what is important for any sales team, whether internal or external, to have.

Chief amongst these are:

  • Market research and understanding to address customer needs and pain points
  • A clear, concise script that demonstrates this research via personalization
  • Follow-up strategy corresponding to this script
  • Realistic numerical goals to aim for and understand so that you can analyze why they go well or not, and a good communication strategy
  • Multiple channels and avenues of outreach and prospecting for your SDRs - don't just stick to calls
  • Opportunities for growth for their team

Without market research and an understanding of their client, sales teams will flounder and fail. Sending emails out to all may get your name out there, but if they're not targeted or personalized enough, they are no better than white noise to your prospects.

Similarly, if your message is not well executed, you will lose a lot more than you gain. Yes, sales teams should work in tandem with marketing, but in sales, less is more to attract prospects and generate interest. Personalize it as much as possible, do not reveal all of the information at once, and invite them to a conversation instead of forcing them to make a decision in any part of your cadence. As an earlier part of the sales pipeline, the team members managing this section of it will generally aim for a meeting to set the wheels in motion for a future sale. And if you mess it up, either in that first touch or in your follow-up strategy, it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Sales teams thrive on proper communication, record-keeping, and goals.

How are you going to successfully hand over a meeting to your CEO if you do not know enough about the prospect?

It could end up being a waste of time for everyone. With proper communication channels established, as well as record-keeping of not only the number of meetings but also the quality of the leads, your sales operations will be running smoothly and generating more profit. Otherwise, you'll find yourself chasing ghosts.

The ones doing the brunt of this work in a sales team are sales development representatives (SDRs). They are the ones who are out in the field daily, seeing first-hand the responses your messaging is receiving from prospects and what is working and what is not.

They need to have more than one possible channel to reach out. Whether that is a combination of calls and email, or also social selling, it is up to you. But the more you diversify the approach, the better.

And you need to provide your employees with ways to grow.

Whether that is moving them to other teams or allowing them to take up studies or learn new tech stacks, you do not want your team to feel like they are not being catered to as well. It is better for you, as your employees become more qualified, and better for them, as they are able to learn more.
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Any good sales lead company would consider these to be vital pieces of the puzzle.

Sales leads companies are companies through which you can outsource your inside sales processes to generate more leads. This means any part of the early pipeline building process, whether it is inbound sales or outbound sales, is done by external SDRs.

Instead of spending time and money hiring and training your own in-house team, it is far more profitable and interesting to turn to tried and tested specialists. And so these companies exist, like SalesPipe. Not only do we provide the talent, but also the playbook and tech support to take your sales to the next level.

We all have the main six qualities pointed out above - without them, the company itself wouldn't have come to fruition. You need to be good at sales to actually run a company focused on providing sales as a service.

But there are a few additional points that give us here at SalesPipe a leg up on the others.

SalesPipe Is a Top Sales Lead Company

SalesPipe hits all the necessary six points pointed out above. We work together with our clients to fully understand their ideal customer profile and then base our prospecting on that.

With their marketing materials, SalesPipe SDRs are encouraged to get creative and figure out how to approach the messaging. This freedom allows us to experiment with different types of messaging, such as voice or video notes, and to do some A/B testing for the client to see what resonates the most with potential customers.

We work together with our clients to set specific goals based on the current strategy, then together analyze why it is working or not, and adjust accordingly. Due to the fact that we are not directly employed by the client company, we have a lot more flexibility to constantly try different techniques. This includes making the most of LinkedIn for prospecting. Our clients don't have the time to spend prospecting on the platform, but we dedicate ourselves to doing exactly this, or whatever each client requires.

We are strict about being communicative with our clients in the way that is best for them. Generally, we suggest weekly calls to check in as well as emails and Slack integration if the client requires it. It is very important for us as an external team that we correspond quickly with our clients and specific contacts for meeting handovers.

We also heartily encourage our team members to contribute and grow as part of SalesPipe. Whether that is by taking on more clients, writing blog posts, or contributing to our brand design, we are always happy to invest in our own.

But beyond all this, there are a few additional factors that make SalesPipe stand out.

Boutique, specialized service

Our first differentiating factor is that we provide a boutique, specialized service. While some of our competitors have dozens of SDRs available at any given time, SalesPipe is very careful about matching the right SDR to the right client.

This does not mean that only an SDR with a background in that particular client's industry is considered. In fact, we believe that with the right tools, anyone willing to learn and be dedicated can be a very successful SDR for any industry.

It is more about carefully matching personalities, interests, and methodologies. If we do not find the right person already on our team, we go search for them for the specific client.

We all represent SalesPipe, to our clients and their prospective customers, and we want to make sure that the fit is correct. Hence, our more boutique approach to the business.

Creativity is encouraged and we go the extra mile

One of my favorite things about working at SalesPipe from the get-go was the encouragement to be creative. Whether it is an email copy or an outreach channel, SalesPipe is a great space to experiment and stretch your creative muscles.

We want all of our SDRs to be able to write good copy and communicate well with their client's ideal customer profiles. This is actively what we are after. SalesPipe provides support, but the day-to-day is up to each individual SDR, and the goal is for each SDR to take over for their client and represent their company.

Each of our SDRs is a mini partnership liaison in this way, providing them a lot more experience than a plain old in-house SDR role.

Diversity and worldwide hiring

I've written before about the pros of hiring a remote SDR. All of our team members are remote SDRs. They are ample proof of how hiring in this way is a great way to secure top talent and cover areas you were unaware of previously.

In this article, I wanted to add that diversity at SalesPipe also extends to the background of the team beyond nationality. As mentioned above, we think anyone can be a great SDR with the right tools and interests. Hence our team is made up of former archaeologists, former public health professionals, former karate champions, and so many more.

Each of us has a particular strength and also cultural background, and when we are all thrown in together like materials to a good stew, the magic happens. You won't find this type of mix in many other sales leads companies.

Work-life balance is a priority

It might be cheesy to think of the saying "happy workers results in happy customers," but it is absolutely true. One of SalesPipe's biggest selling points is the importance of work-life balance for each employee.

Being an SDR is hard work. Most of the time we are told no and we can go a long while without hearing a yes.

This is why mental health is important and why SalesPipe encourages all SDRs to make their work-life balance a priority. Whether that is working while traveling, making use of the unlimited PTO, having fun channels on Slack to share our daily lives, or creating a formalized space to address all doubts, we cover it all.
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We know we might be a bit biased, but we are fully convinced that we provide top-notch sales lead services here at SalesPipe.

Our SDRs are a unique blend of folks from all walks of life from around the globe, ready and committed to helping our clients reach their goals.

Are you ready to be one of them? Get in touch with us to find you your perfect SDR match
Post by Flor Fustinoni.
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