How Inside Sales Outsourcing Improves Lead Generation

It's also less hassle than doing it yourself.
inside sales outsourcing lead generation article
Salespeople are always looking for ways to improve their performance and stand out from the crowd to close as many deals as possible. One of the best ways to produce continually is to have a pipeline full of prospects.

And where do prospects, and ultimately customers, come from?

They come from lead generation.

As with most types of sales, inside sales are dependent on solid, reliable leads. These leads can either be generated in-house, which can take time away from your team members, or they can come from specialized, outsourced companies.

Let's get started!

What is Inside Sales Outsourcing?

Inside sales is the sales process where sales representatives engage and interact with prospects and customers remotely, usually through phone calls, emails, video conferencing, or other digital communication channels, instead of meeting them in person.

Inside sales is the fancy name for sales done remotely.

The work these companies provide will allow you to concentrate on building relationships with the right clients and closing the best deals without navigating through too much information and potentially unqualified leads.

Inside sales outsourcing is also a terrific way to keep costs down and positively affect your bottom line. Outsourcing will always be less expensive than allocating current employees to a job they might not be fully qualified for.

Lead generation is at the heart of a great sales pipeline. Knowing that will only get you so far, however. Putting in the work once you have that knowledge will be the key to your success.

The question then becomes: how does inside sales outsourcing boost your lead generation?

The rest of this article will demonstrate how outsourcing your inside sales to the experts in the industry will improve lead generation, which will undoubtedly give your business the revenue and market share boost you need.

The decision to hire and partner with such companies will continue to pay dividends as long as you choose to utilize them.

Inside Sales Outsourcing Generate Leads Right Away

Time is always of the essence and we always seem to have too little of it.

If that sounds like an everyday dilemma to you, then hiring an inside sales outsourcing company is even more of a fit than you realize. Lead generation is vital to the sales process and an outsourced inside sales company will fulfill that service immediately.

Remember, one of the benefits of outsourcing your inside sales team is that you will get someone who does nothing but inside sales for a living. You may already have a great team of polished and successful salespeople in-house, but they can be expensive to maintain, and at the lead generation level, you might be facing high turnover rates.

Cost isn't the only issue.

Time is another problem you can solve by hiring an inside sales company.

It is highly likely your employees will be given additional tasks and duties instead of fully concentrating on inside sales. They will probably have other responsibilities which naturally cuts into their time, leading your sales pipeline to move slower.

Saving money and time are two very important characteristics of a successful business. Hiring an inside sales outsourcing company will save you both.

Say you're in the B2B sales space, and you need to qualify your leads.

B2B lead qualification takes time, and time is money.

Outsourcing this task will not only get you leads quickly, but they will already be qualified, so your only job is to convert them.

Outsourcing your inside sales operations also opens you to a wider hiring pool.

This tends to be overlooked when deciding to outsource inside sales operations. Because inside sales is purely a remote activity, you can hire anyone from anywhere around the globe. Increasing your hiring pool is never bad; if you look globally, your possibilities are endless.

You won't be beholden to time zones or geographical limitations. You can cover each and every hour of the day by strategically hiring people around the world. This is something you cannot do with an in-house employee.

Inside sales outsourcing companies have processes in place that are designed to take your business to the next level by providing experts to your sales teams. This allows your current employees to focus on the jobs they were hired for and not spend time doing things others are more qualified to do.

You are partnering with specialists and bringing them in, just like asking an IT expert for help with your computer set-up.

Speaking of processes, it is greatly beneficial for companies to remove a process from the pipeline so they can focus on the next steps, knowing that their lead generation is in the hands of the experts.

Inside Sales Outsourcing Performs Outbound to Spread The Word

One of the goals of your company should be to let everyone know who you are and what you do. The internet has made the world a very small place and by doing so the business landscape is more cluttered and competitive than ever before.

This means that you need to differentiate yourself from the pack. Find a way to get your name and message out there. The more people you contact, the more leads you generate, and the more your company's name will be in front of prospective customers.

Here at SalesPipe we help companies make a name for themselves and increase their sales by pursuing outbound methods for lead generation.

Outbound lead generation is the process of finding potential prospects who may be interested, if unaware, of your product. Cold calling, cold emailing, cold messaging, and other sales techniques are taken up by your outbound sales team to inform prospects of what you offer.

Outbound sales are important to every startup.

They solidify that goal of getting your name out there and providing you with visibility and potential clients and buyers.

Good outbound sales teams know that large groups of people in your ideal customer profile have been looking for a service like yours but haven't heard of your company before. Or, they had no idea that they needed your service. But now that your team has been in contact, they view it as a solution to their problem due to the outbound messaging they have received from you.

Outbound messaging can have a profound effect on its recipient if done correctly. I've included an example of one such message.
example message
You have to keep in mind that prospects see dozens of emails and messages a day from salespeople who want to sell them something.

Giving the prospect a reason to even open your message is of the utmost importance. This message accomplished that and more.

The Subject Line Was Engaging & Personal

Adam let Jesse know that he had read his blog post and was taking his advice on Jesse himself. It doesn't get more personal than that.

It Wasn't Robotic

Adam's message was friendly and demonstrated his personality. It wasn't a copy-and-paste job that many salespeople tend to send.

Offered Value

Adam generated interest by letting Jesse know why he should care about his company and its services. He didn't waste time with features or accolades instead, he got right to the point.

Established Credibility

In addition to making note of Jesse's article, Adam shared one of his from the same site. This shows a common interest and probable compatibility.
inside sales outbound messaging infographic

Inside Sales Outsourcing Manages Your Inbound Lead Pipeline

We have discussed how leads are the lifeblood of any sales team. We've also talked about how hiring an outsourced inside sales company can help you get good, qualified leads quickly.

If you want your sales process to be as efficient as possible, this is the way to do it.

Another advantage of hiring an inside sales outsourcing company is that they will manage your inbound lead pipeline. This is important because these leads need to be qualified and handled correctly. This goes back to the time management skills these sales professionals provide that we spoke about earlier.

There's a difference between a prospect and a lead, and when it comes to inbound sales, the prospect is already a lead because they've expressed interest in your product or service. The question is whether the lead is worth your time and effort. This is another reason why having a dedicated team or team member solely focuses on this aspect, and nothing else is so important.

Lead qualification is something that is not only necessary, but it's the right thing to do before passing on any lead further down the sales pipeline. You are responsible to your organization to make your process as smooth as possible. Skipping steps at this stage of the game will only cost you time and money down the road, so make sure you complete each step before moving on to the next one.

Your outsourced inside sales team will be able to separate and filter out the prospects and leads who need your product or service from those who do not. Once accomplished, the outsourced team will be ready to push your potential customer on to the next step.

Spending time on someone who will never become a customer will wreak havoc on your organization. Hiring an inside sales outsourcing company will eliminate most or all of those bad leads.

You can see now why managing your inbound sales pipeline is one of the more important roles an inside sales outsourcing company can play. This is yet another task, that, if left to an in-house salesperson, could easily fall by the wayside and, in doing so, leave money on the table.

Hiring an inside sales outsourcing company will provide you with salespeople who will focus on these important tasks so they can give you the best opportunity to convert these leads and prospects into customers.

After all, this is the game's name, so it's good to have competent people at the helm steering this ship.

Inside Sales Outsourcing Companies Pursue Multiple Outreach Tactics

In addition to what we've mentioned thus far, inside sales outsourcing firms pursue multiple outreach strategies and tactics to maximize your investment in their services.

It's simply not enough in today's crowded marketplace to have a singular strategy, no matter how good that strategy is. It's incumbent on the inside sales outsourcing company you hire to provide several ways to get the job done.

Sometimes you, as the company, may shy away from these tactics, but outsourced companies can pursue multiple avenues as they spend their day doing this. They keep track no matter what sales channel they are using for outreach.

When it comes to outbound sales, these are just a few of the channels and tactics you should expect to see.

Cold Calling

Cold calling has been around for quite some time now and tends to be written off by some. That would be a mistake though because cold calling has its place in quality lead generation. If it didn't, it would have been gone a long time ago.

Email Marketing

Emails have become so common that people sometimes take them for granted. Crafting a successful email takes time and know-how.

An inside sales outsourcing company has both, and an extra bit of creativity on top if it's SalesPipe ;)

LinkedIn Messaging

The internet is a must when it comes to prospecting. Most people spend most of their days online, and when it comes to lead generation, they're spending a huge portion of that time is LinkedIn. Utilize all LinkedIn has to offer, especially its messaging function to the utmost with voice and video messages, and you'll be well on your way to closing more sales.

Outsourcing companies will utilize these channels to always be on top of the newest prospect methods. But what strategies and tactics should you expect from an inside sales outsourcing company for inbound sales beyond multiple channels?

We've talked about outsourcing for outbound sales, but inside sales outsourcing companies must also provide ways to improve your inbound sales. They can do this in a variety of ways.

Good inbound sales tactics include lead qualification, and management of your inbound lead pipeline, including updating it regularly and working to know and understand the leads coming in so that you can better serve them with solutions for their sales-related challenges.
b2b lead generation channels infographic


It is clear that inside sales are a vital part of your day-to-day business operations.

What's also clear is the fact that your salespeople are best suited for later stages of the pipeline to sell your products and services while an outsourced inside sales company should be handling the tasks discussed in this article.

Consider hiring an experienced inside sales outsourcing company so that you can focus on what it is you do best, your business.

SalesPipe provides all of the inside sales services you've read about today.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve all of your sales goals.
Post by Rob Janicke.
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