Everything to Know About B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

Letting external experts generate your leads.
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B2B sales are often complex, requiring the influence and negotiation of multiple people. 77% of buyers stated that their last purchase was complex or difficult. To succeed, you want to make sure you are targeting the right prospects to get more leads.

The first step is having an inbound and outbound lead generation strategy. You want to find someone working for another business who needs or is interested in your product or service. Sales efforts should be paralleled by marketing efforts, and vice-versa, that build brand awareness and generate leads.

Businesses struggle to generate leads; however: 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge. This is a difficult hurdle for many companies, whether due to a resource issue or time constraint. And yet it is vital to their sales process.

As such, outsourcing B2B lead generation has become common practice.

Sales outsourcing is acquiring sales services from another business to fulfill an internal role. By leaving work that you find drains your resources or time to experienced professionals, you can ensure that leads always come in while focusing on more important matters: closing sales and bettering your product or service.

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How B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Works

So what actually happens when you decide to outsource lead generation?

Once you have decided on the right sales outsourcing company, you need to establish and maintain effective communication channels with them throughout your working relationship.

A professional B2B lead generation company will take the time to understand your business, the product or services you want them to focus on, your unique value proposition to your industry, and the competitive landscape.

Firstly, you will have an initial meeting with the outsourced partner. This is where you are introduced to the team working for you, and you can establish the lines of communication going forward.

At this stage, sharing as much about your current sales process, product, and customer profile as possible is important. This will give the outsourced team the best possible chance of formulating the correct messaging and the power to handle any objections, further down the road.

The outsourced team must be given access to all of your relevant marketing materials, specific wording, previous contacts, and any personnel that can provide them with ongoing support. This will be a help to them as it will inform their messaging and approaches to their outbound prospecting.

After partnering with the service, the next step is establishing your first outsourced B2B lead generation campaign. A lead generation campaign describes the initial focus of the lead generation company and will typically take two or three months to complete.

To get this started, you must agree on your target market and sales channels. There can be many different B2B lead generation strategies, but they all follow a similar sales framework.

A good starting point is to look at what industry most of your current customers are in: this will give you plenty of examples and case studies to reference. Finding out why these companies bought from you in the past and identifying buying trends will give you a good idea of what unique selling points or unique pains your product or solution solves for them. From here, you can build your customer profile.

Defining your target audience for your first campaign is critical to its success. The campaign needs to have a relevant message and be delivered to the right person at the right time in order to spark their interest.

The B2B lead generation outsourcing company should have a checklist of target factors they will need to establish, similar to the following:

Job Titles

What job roles and responsibilities want to hear about the product or service?

The B2B lead generation outsourcing company should do in-depth research on industry trends and issues to consider what job titles would be most interested in your solution.

How could it relate to the current challenges the industry is facing?


Will they be senior enough within the business to decide to buy, or will they be senior enough to influence someone who is?

Who are generally decision-makers in the industry?


What types of businesses are best suited to benefit from your value proposition?

What industries have bought your product the most?

Are there common issues within those types of businesses that your product or service helps relieve?


This factor is often overlooked in B2B lead generation campaigns, but it is an important factor for your target customers if they respond to efforts by the outsourcing company.

Is there a clear indication on your website as to what the price might be?

In my experience, it's always best to have at least some indication of this information. Hence, a prospect knows what to expect before they spend time exploring your product further.

Company Size

In order to effectively narrow down your customer progile and identify potential businesses that align with your product it's important to consider various criteria, such as the number of employees.

By considering the size of the companies, you can prioritize reaching out to businesses that are best suited to afford and utilize your product or service, ensuring a more successful and tailored approach to your SaaS strategy.


When evaluating whether a business would find value in your product or service, it's crucial to consider not only company size but also their minimum revenue threshold.

By setting clear criteria that take into account both the potential benefits and financial feasibility, you can actively target businesses that not only have the potential to benefit from your offering but also possess the necessary financial means to afford it, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Existing Customers

It can be somewhat self-sabotaging and detrimental to your business if your lead generation outsourcing company unknowingly contacts your current customers, potentially causing issues with customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

To mitigate this risk, it is crucial to identify all current customers and promptly add them to an exclusion list, ensuring that they are not targeted during lead generation efforts. By implementing this proactive measure, you can safeguard customer relationships, maintain a positive brand image, and uphold customer satisfaction levels.


Conduct thorough market research to identify countries or areas with a high demand and a receptive customer profiles. Evaluating economic indicators, such as purchasing power and market trends, can provide valuable insights into potential markets.

Additionally, consider the cultural context, competition, and regulatory environment to assess if your product aligns well with a specific region. By meticulously analyzing these factors, you can make informed decisions on whether to exclude any countries or areas that may not be a good fit for your product.


Are there any specific keywords or phrases that target customers commonly use when searching for your product?

Additionally, do they have specific words or phrases they use to describe the pain points that your product or service effectively addresses and resolves?

Identifying these customer preferences to optimize your sales strategy and ensure your messaging aligns perfectly with their needs and expectations is crucial. By understanding the language your customers speak and the problems they are looking to solve, you can tailor your approach to effectively communicate the unique value your product or service offers, enhancing your overall marketing effectiveness.


Who else in the marketplace offers a similar service or product? How does your product differ, and what competitors can you compete with? Once the lead generation company has established all of these parameters, they will be able to fully understand the scale and relevant channels for your first B2B lead generation campaign.

It serves as a framework for generating quality leads for your business. The outsourcing company will then work this information, alongside the marketing materials and website landing pages, into a compelling email copy. This creates a sales funnel that the leads will follow.

Data can then be leveraged to improve and adapt throughout the campaign's lifecycle continuously.

This process can be repeated and updated, with adjustments made for different industries, industry events, and new competitors.
Outsourced B2B lead generation checklist

How to Outsource B2B Lead Generation

There are lots of businesses that specialize in B2B lead generation. And with many cooks in the kitchen, some will always be a better fit for you than others when adding spice to their dish.

So just like you check restaurant reviews and menus before making a reservation, it's important to conduct proper research and ask the right questions when shopping for a B2B lead generation outsourcing company to work with.

Consider what level of investment you are prepared to make when outsourcing your B2B lead generation, and take time to reflect on your typical cost per lead. We refer to the time and cost you take to generate one sales-qualified lead for your business.

Researching and selecting the right company for your business to work with can seem like a challenge at first. After all, you are making a significant investment that needs to produce a return: leads for your business to get new customers.

The first thing to consider is how well they communicate with you. You've had the first initial meeting and are starting to work together, so you will soon see if they are a good fit for you.

The speed of reply and the level of service you receive from your outsourced company is something to keep track of. Remember that they should be acting as a part of your sales team, and to book meetings and generate leads, they need to be online and available to respond.

The speed at which your outsource lead generation company responds has actually been shown to have a significant impact on whether or not that lead converts to a sale. And this goes vice versa on your end: your account executives must be ready to respond to outsourced SDRs because too much time between emails results in a warm lead going back to cold.

The ability of your outsourced partner to create compelling email copy and messaging is also critical to the partnership's success. The outsourced partner needs to be able to communicate the unique benefits of your solution and speak directly to the pains that the prospect might be feeling.

You always want to make sure you are seeing a clear and powerful call-to-action that is irresistible to the prospect in the outsourcing companies' messaging. Personalization of emails and messaging can result in better outcomes, so they should also be making efforts there.
Data from these campaigns should be constantly reviewed, and optimizations made to improve the lead generation process and increase results for you as a client of the outsourced company.

You should review this during your communications with the outsourced sales team. Data analysis allows for the focus to remain on quality or quantity as you constantly refine and adjust to create the perfect business leads.

And you want to remember that every business and industry is different. They all require a unique approach that considers all the factors mentioned above. More importantly, it should involve an outsourced partner who takes the time to understand the business and what their ideal customer looks like.

Your outsourcing company should be willing to work with you within the constraints of finding clients in your industry and by being bold and trying new tactics you might not have time for. It is a delicate balancing act, but when done correctly, it works wonders.

At SalesPipe, for example, we specialize in B2B lead generation. We are known for the high quality of our business development representatives, remote workers from around the globe with expertise and experience in several areas.

We use multiple channels to find customer leads, including email, LinkedIn, calls, and video outreach. Cold emailing is our specialty, which is great as it is still the preferred B2B lead generation channel.

But we are not afraid of diversifying, and our SDRs are encouraged to try new prospecting techniques to get you those meetings constantly, and we support their efforts.
Outsourced B2B lead generation company checklist


B2B lead generation is critical to the success of your business. And finding the right outsourcing provider can help you realize that success.

If you cannot generate the correct leads for your business, or find the right outsourced partner to work with in order to do so, it can be an uphill struggle to grow revenue.

Finding the right company to outsource this area of your business is a challenge. The difference between many companies that offer these services is often in the nature of their approach and the channels they use.

If you're interested in testing out our compatibility as a match, get in touch with us to see if we're a good fit.
Post by Joe Williams.