Inside Sales Outsourcing for B2B Companies

Explore if outsourcing is the right move for you.
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Outsourcing has long been a solution for companies.

While a common example of outsourcing is software development, increasingly, sales has become another area where companies can gain a lot by outsourcing their efforts.

Especially when it comes to inside sales.

Let's dive into how outsourcing your inside sales can be the right move for your business.

What is Inside Sales Outsourcing?

Inside sales outsourcing is a business strategy in which a company contracts an external service provider or a third-party vendor to handle its inside sales activities. Inside sales refers to the sales process where sales representatives engage and interact with prospects and customers remotely, usually through phone calls, emails, video conferencing, or other digital communication channels, instead of meeting them in person.

There is, therefore, no need for your inside sales team to be at an office. And, if your buyers are not constricted by location, neither should you. It is worth considering looking outside your immediate area. You can hire inside sales outsourcing teams internally and keep everything in-house, either as on-site or remote jobs.

But you can also outsource your inside sales.

This means hiring an individual outside your company through a specialized sales outsourcing company dedicated to connecting experienced salespeople with businesses that need to grow or test new approaches or products.

But why do this instead of hiring internally?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

Why B2B Startups Outsource their Sales Development

As we mentioned at the very beginning, outsourcing is not necessarily a new practice. It is an old solution to an old problem, with pros and cons.

In the connected world we live in, it is a great solution for inside sales.

With a job that is by definition, done remotely, not widening your talent pool is a mistake. And doing so with a trusted and experienced talent-sourcing company such as SalesPipe is a safe bet. You get access to top talent, experienced worldwide that bring their expertise and tricks to you and your business's aid.

Outsourcing not only provides access to more talent, but it also helps you keep your own employees from experiencing burnout. By outsourcing pipeline-building tasks to specialists, your own team can dedicate themselves to closing deals, perfecting your product, or customer service for retention.

By outsourcing, companies are also reducing the costs associated with hiring their own Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). There is no long hiring process, followed by an onboarding process and a six-month period before seeing results. Results that may not show up if the SDR leaves before then.

Outsourced SDRs are specialists and devoted to their field. Results and turnover will be much faster, as they can hit the ground running since they are experienced with several sales tools and have access to their tech stack. Plus, because an organization backs them, you can rely on them to provide you with more talent and more sales tools.

Additionally, outsourced SDRs are a great way for companies to try out new markets or industries, or even a new product or service you offer. You can have the outsourced SDRs focus on a new aspect of your business to experiment with different approaches in a new market. Meanwhile, the rest of the team can continue to grow your business with the tried and true sales methods you've successfully used in the past.

Methods SDR Outsourcing Companies Use to Boost your B2B Startup Pipeline

SDR companies provide flexibility in approaches to your prospects that company employees may hesitate to take into consideration.

Here are the most common methods outsourced SDRs use to connect with prospects:

Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is the bread and butter of any good SDR.

It is getting the name of your company out there to millions of prospects on a daily basis via the written word.

With a good approach, any SDR can see success thanks to its email strategy.

However, outsourced and experienced SDRs will always have a leg up on their in-house peers. Outsourced SDRs are more likely to try their own templates and edit them as they go based on prospect reactions.

In-house SDRs may do so as well, of course, but an outsourced SDR will have more experience and is more likely to start seeing success a lot quicker. They know what might work for what title, and how to best approach them based on research.

Because research and brevity are key when it comes to cold emailing, and without those two prongs, it is easy for cold emailing to fail. Even more so if SDRs do not know how to check for email deliverability.

Outsourced SDRs are experienced in utilizing their research for just the right level of personalization and information to make their email copy interesting and appealing to their prospects, something that in-house SDRs take time to learn. Time which you may not have.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is a skill that SDRs learn on the job. They call prospects that have never heard of the company before to see if they are interested in buying or having another call with leadership.

It is as nerve-wracking as it sounds, and there is no quick way to get better at it other than by experience.

Green SDRs will often stick to the script as much as possible, which can prove detrimental to their goals when the prospect does not react as expected.

An outsourced SDR, having more experience under their belt, is a lot more likely to be able to score that sale for you. They are comfortable being on the phone and thinking on their feet.

LinkedIn Messaging

The two ways to approach LinkedIn messaging are InMails, or direct messages with connections.

The success of InMails depends heavily on the particular industry and the creativity of the writer. Often they are similar to another attempt at an email.

But the lack of connection to the prospect adds another, unwanted barrier.

Instead, direct messages tend to be more successful.

To send a direct message, your prospect has already agreed to connect with you. This means something about your profile or headline has interested them. SDRs can tailor their profiles to ensure that their connection requests are always accepted.

And with direct messages, their email creativity can be taken to the next level. Anything from GIFs, to memes or video messages, can prove successful when messaging prospects directly via social media.

Outsourced SDRs are far more likely to try different approaches based on their experience, whereas in-house SDRs and sales teams are always a lot more hesitant.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

Outsourced SDRs do not shy away from posting on LinkedIn to further connect with prospects.

By providing weekly content related to your company, they will be a natural connection for prospects in your industry. Then, through the patient work of responding and reacting to prospect posts, outsourced SDRs will build a relationship with prospects.

When the time comes to pitch, it is not a pitch slap so much as it is a natural continuation of a conversation.

You need only look at the statistics of salespeople actively social selling on LinkedIn compared to those who do not.

When is the Right Time to Outsource Sales for My B2B Company?

When You Need to Grow, Quickly

If you are a young startup, chances are you need to grow fast.

You do not have time for a rookie SDR to ramp up and gain experience and confidence.

You need to start building your sales pipeline now.

That's when outsourcing comes in to save you. You can start working with an experienced sales professional right away, who knows all the tips and tricks to get your pipeline going and worthy meetings on your calendar.

When You Need a Budget-Friendly Sales Team

Tied to the previous point, if you are a young startup, you want a budget-friendly option for growth. And growth is always tied to a successful sales team.

But as we've seen, hiring internally for a sales team can be a time-consuming process that is not friendly to your wallet, and can result in a lot of training. Not to mention a long waiting period to see results.

Instead, by outsourcing, you have a significantly more cost-effective approach to building a sales team of experienced salespeople and SDRs that can get started right away.

No need for additional training, simply a monthly amount paid to an expert firm to work with a dedicated SDR. And you can stop or add to the service at any time.

When You Are Testing Out a New Market or Product

You don't always need to be a startup to outsource your sales team.

If you've developed a new product or want to test a new market, it is a good idea to look into outsourcing the responsible sales team.

By doing so, your internal employees can continue to focus on the processes and sales for the regular product or market, while the outsourced team can begin experimenting.

They can try new messaging related to your current product with information about the new one, or begin to test the waters of a new market or industry for you. In some cases, they can even begin to test it in a different language!

And by outsourcing, you do not spend time hiring and building an entirely new team before knowing if it will actually work. Instead, you can test the waters with an outsourced team and slowly begin to grow and create a pipeline through them.


Outsourcing inside sales is an easy step for any company and is especially attractive for companies looking to grow fast or try out a new product or market.

While hiring internally is just as important, if what you're looking for is specialists that will get you the results you need, outsourcing is the way to go.

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