Sales Memes All SDRs Can Relate To

Relatable memes to share a laugh with the SDRs in your life.
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It's no secret that being an SDR can be incredibly exhausting.

Between continuously hopping on calls and trying to reach your KPIs, it's easy to feel like the hamster stuck in its wheel. But, with newfound access to memes, never before has it been easier for sales reps to take a break and get a much-needed laugh!

If there's one thing you need to keep yourself afloat in a sales career, it's humor.

Without humor, your stress increases and your skin is not as thick as you need it to be to deal with constant rejection.

To help you keep that smile going, check out these 25 sales memes all SDRs can relate to.

1. Waiting to Hear Back?

sales memes spongebob meme
Often a prospect will commit to getting back to an SDR either to schedule the first meeting, a follow-up meeting or to re-schedule. While they're organizing themselves, BDRs have to patiently wait.

So just as SpongeBob is waiting next to his coffee, so are SDRs waiting to hear back from prospects.

2. The Mean Girls Approach

mean girls sales meme
The infamous "on Wednesdays, we wear pink" from the 2004 comedy Mean Girls can be re-adapted to fit SDRs.

Your SDR manager telling you that on Tuesdays, we prospect at this company, is a fun, unintentional call back to this classic moment.

3. Following Pennywise

pennywise sales meme
Look, all SDRs love and constantly need B2B lead lists. But they're not always easy to make or populate, and most SDRs dislike this part of the process.

It's the reason dedicated list-building companies exist.

So if Pennywise is offering a fully complete B2B list of prospects that fit your ICP with detailed contact information, you bet an SDR won't think twice about following him down the sewers for it.

4. The Unexpected Gatekeeper

cold call sales meme
As an SDR, you spend a lot of time cold calling. Depending on the quality of contact information available, your calls may connect, not connect, or sometimes lead you to what in sales we affectionately dub a 'gatekeeper.'

Typically a receptionist or administrative assistant, will ask a question most SDRs are familiar with and dread: "Is [the decision-maker] expecting your call?"As it's a cold call, the reality is they are not expecting it, and getting over this hurdle is one SDRs will always have to contend with when it's time to hit those phones.

5. The Call Me Maybe

office sales meme
If there is one thing prospects can appreciate, it's complete honesty.

When SDRs are making those cold calls, a good rule of thumb is to always identify yourself, your company, why you are calling, and ask if they have the time.

This is all after making sure you've actually called the intended prospect, of course.

For a laugh, SDRs could try the Call Me Maybe approach too!

6. The "Let's circle back later"!

futurama sales meme
It's common for prospects to ask to circle back later.

Later can mean in a few weeks, next quarter, or next year to your prospects, but to an SDR it means moving them to a different lead list for later re-sequencing. Sometimes though, those "circle back later's" that prospects send are in fact polite no's in disguise.

There's no harm in trying again until they actually say no, however, and an ambitious SDR knows this.

7. The "Winter is Coming"

got sales meme
With the end of the year upon us, another way prospects ask to circle back later is by stating, "let's reconnect on this in the New Year".

While this is well and good for your prospects, it does affect an SDR's ability to reach quota, so it is something SDRs watch for and can commiserate on as they begin to receive these responses.

8. Finally Having a Good Call

good cold call sales meme
For a slight change in pace, here's to success as an SDR!

Sometimes you hear no so many times or receive no responses for days and weeks on end.

It is all worth it once you have that one amazing call with an interested prospect that fits the ICP to a T.

9. The Importance of Email Deliverability

email deliverability meme
SDRs that are using cold emailing for outreach cannot ignore the importance of email deliverability to ensure their messaging is landing in the prospect's inbox.

Otherwise, it may all be going to spam.

Top SDRs know to constantly check their sender reputation and fix it if needed by using email warm-up tools.

10. Celebrate Hitting Quota

sales quota meme
Success baby is exactly how SDRs feel when they manage to hit quota right at the last minute.

In uncertain economic times, prospects shy away from buying or can take a long time to convince.

When it's difficult to hit quota due to circumstances outside your control as an SDR, managing to get the numbers at the eleventh hour is an amazing rush of serotonin.

11. Being Worthy

thor sales meme
Similar to the above, just because the quarter has been stressful, it is not always a reflection of you and your work as an SDR.

Sales depend greatly on the economy and a myriad of factors outside your control, and although stress will probably affect you regardless, it is important to celebrate your successes.

Achieving a closed deal after a stressful quarter is a huge reason to celebrate!

12. When Leo Is Happy for You

leo sales meme
Sometimes as an SDR, you get the luck of the draw, and combined with your skills, you achieve the impossible: booking a meeting on the first call of the day.

The feeling of euphoria and success is amazing!

13. The Missed Connection

kermit window sales meme
Similar to being asked to circle back later, prospects can sometimes ask you to follow up with them later. And then when you do, they ask you to follow up with them in another two weeks. And then again.

To be fair, it is entirely possible that they are indeed insanely busy and having a hard time scheduling a product demo.

To you as an SDR with a goal to hit quota and successfully have a meeting to further qualify whether the prospect is indeed a good fit, it feels as if a significant other is stringing you along indefinitely.

14. Dodging Prospects

matrix sales meme
Sometimes after a prospect says they're initially interested, they start disappearing or making themselves unavailable.

They never outright say they've lost interest, and sometimes they are actually very busy, but their capacity to dodge your calls and emails does bring to mind Neo dodging bullets with ease.

It's enough to make SDRs wonder if they even understood their interest right, or if they just imagined it.

15. Finally Circling Back

sales meme gif
If a prospect is realistic about a long time frame for circling back, or you've not followed up with that particular customer profile in a while, this is probably how you feel as an SDR calling or emailing them again.

Acknowledging that time gap is always a good idea, as it can both serve to remind them of you, or demonstrate that you have been in touch with them before.

16. Meeting Happiness

baby sales meme
The small celebrations you have at your desk as an SDR when a prospect agrees to a meeting are an important part of being an SDR.

It's even better when it's an unexpected agreement!

17. Looking at New Leads

new leads sales meme
SDRs are a creative bunch.

This is a given considering how many ways we try to receive a response from prospects. It does mean we enjoy targeting new customer profiles and leads a lot more sometimes than following up with previous prospects.

But we mustn't forget that following up is crucial to actually arrive at a sale.

Even if those new leads do look very interesting!

18. Prospect Says No

randy sales meme
In sales, sometimes prospects can be unnecessarily mean when saying no.

Sometimes they simply never respond.

Sometimes you get a no, but it's a kinder no, like Randy from American Idol.

As an SDR, a "no" as a response is better than no response at all, and even better if it's kind.

19. Braving the Cold

cold prospecting sales meme
When you're given a list of leads that is completely cold, it does very much feel as if you're heading into a snowstorm.

None of these prospects know about your company, and you have to go through the arduous process of warming them up slowly to see if they're a good fit and interested in purchasing.

20. Always Follow Up

two kermit sales meme
As stated above, as an SDR, receiving an actual "no" is better than radio silence.

If you do not receive an actual response, our sales brain as an SDR is still interested in getting some sort of response, so follow ups will continue.

21. The "Where did you get this number?"

dos equus sales meme
It's common for prospects to ask, "where did you get this number from?" to an SDR that is calling them.

The answer can be anything from research, to the CRM, to the SDRs might honestly not know. It's entirely possible that they were simply given a list of numbers to call.

Seasoned SDRs know not to get flustered and to respond clearly and calmly, so as not to aggravate the prospect.

22. We Know You Opened the Email

the shining sales meme
Sales tools today are amazing.

The SDR whose email you opened 40 times but did not respond to?

They know that you did that.

There's a reason you are still receiving constant follow-ups, especially if you haven't responded, but we can see you opening the email constantly.

23. Flattery Does Not Get You Anywhere

star wars sales meme
Creative, top-quality SDRs craft amazing, interesting, and informative emails. Prospects respond to this and book meetings or state their lack of interest.

Sometimes, however, they respond by congratulating the SDR on their approach, but are not interested in the product or setting up a meeting.

This is always a mixed reaction for us as SDRs.

While we appreciate the compliment and knowing their lack of interest, we do need to hit quota.

At the very least, we can show our managers that the brand reputation building is going well!

24. Bigger Pipeline

jaws sales meme
When it's crunch time, and you need to meet quota, as an SDR you need to build your company the biggest sales pipeline possible.

Focus your efforts on early-stage pipeline building and obtaining as many opportunities as possible, and leave the closing to your managers and AEs.

25. The Guess Who's Back

follow up sales gif
An oldie but a classic to finish us off, this is how SDRs feel when we're re-contacting a prospect during follow-ups.

This GIF is, but one of several similar examples of how SDRs feel and that SDRs can use when following up to personalize their outreach further.


We hope we've provided you with some much-needed laughs!

Are you looking for salespeople that not only reach quota, but also have sales humor, and fit your company's values?

Get in touch with us now to get the best outsourced SDRs!
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