Funny Sales GIFs You Need to Use

Use GIFs to generate more leads.
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One of the best aspects of sales is how much fun salespeople can have with it - marketing or design are not the only places in the corporate world where you can be creative.

And one of the best tools in the sales belt right now is sales GIFs. Especially if you're selling over social media, whether B2C or B2B, and sometimes even over email.

GIFs are worth ten thousand words if a picture is worth a thousand words. And SDRs can wield them to get absolutely stellar results for their companies and themselves.

Let's explore how.

When to Use Sales GIFs

The first thing to consider when you want to start using GIFs as a salesperson is when. When in your carefully constructed sales cadence is the appropriate moment to add them.

We recommend against starting with a GIF unless you work in a particularly media-focused industry. Ideally, your first outbound contact should be brief and informative; a GIF could distract from your points.

If you cannot send GIFs or memes, you also add humor to your subject line, or add some jokes also in the email copy.

On the other hand, if your industry is media-heavy and fun, it could be a great way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. So something you could add in this specific scenario is:
If used correctly, it might incite your prospect to give you their phone number, say by adding a hyperlink to a form where they fill out their phone number. This serves the dual purpose of providing more information for contacting them. However, it would be particular industries and contacts that this could work on and something to keep in mind when deciding where to use this tool.

But GIFs, as are memes, are specifically great for follow-ups of all kinds. Once again, you need to be aware of your audience in terms of what GIFs you are using, but follow-ups can sometimes be a GIF by themselves, which will be enough to get the message across. The Egyptians did it for thousands of years, and so can we.

One of the best places to use a sales GIF is after a long period of time between touchpoints.

It can be due to being asked to circle back later, a not-right-now response, or they've just gone through the entire cold outreach without responding even once. The reasons are infinite, but the tactic is the same.
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Sales GIFs being used at this point make you memorable to your prospect and, depending on what you use, can be highly personalized.

Your email copy can be similar, but since you're usually sending them via LinkedIn, take a peek and see if you can find something they enjoy outside of work. Maybe they're Seahawks fans, so you can send them a Seahawks-related GIF (as long as it's not reminiscent of the 2015 Super Bowl).

It shows you've done and personalized your research, but your follow-up messaging about your product or service would be similar.

For example, you could send this GIF:
And say something along the lines of "{{first name}}, you're my MVP! Wanted to remind you of that, and ask if you've got some time in your calendar for a quick call about {{product or service name}} - because I want to be YOUR MVP too!"

You don't need to craft the perfect, personalized email when a GIF will do all the work for you. And your research process as a salesperson is much the same.

Alternatively, if you're doing inbound sales efforts, a GIF is a good way to draw your prospect's attention once again. You already drew their attention once through inbound or outbound marketing efforts, and reaching out with a GIF will single you out once again.

For instance, you could send out a monthly newsletter to anyone interested in your sales tips.

To this newsletter we could add the following GIFs:
With the explanation, "Here is the XY Company team getting everything ready for our clients and subscribers to receive only the highest sales content on the internet!"

It produces a chuckle, helps us stand out, and it's cute because cats are always cute. And cats working in an office is a hilarious premise.

Incorporating GIFs into your sales processes is a great way to get noticed - just make sure you know when they fit best and what GIF works for each situation.

What Are the Best Sales GIFs?

The best sales GIF is the one that serves multiple purposes and that has been around long enough or is basic enough that whoever your target audience is, regardless of any other aspects, will find it funny and relevant enough to respond to you.

A salesperson GIF that can be used if you're feeling quite confident in the relationship you've been crafting with the prospect is the Eric Andre classic "Let me in" moment:
You're asking your prospect or lead to let you in - it can be to a meeting or to their calendar.

If you also focus on cold calls, you can use a great sales calls GIF, and maybe use content from The Office:
Couple it with a "calling you now!" if you told them in a previous cold email from the cadence that you would call them at a certain time.

If we haven't heard from the prospect in a few days, especially via direct messaging, you can always follow up with a GIF of someone waiting sadly and an additional message. For example, SpongeBob waiting with his coffee:
And writing something along the lines of "still waiting to hear back from you! In the meantime, let me tell you a bit more about my product" will often provoke a response.

In a similar vein, you can always make use of other well-known characters.

A great one is Kermit, who seems to have a GIF for every occasion, much like SpongeBob. For instance:
This GIF could be sent with a message that says, "Hey {{first name}}, just me, pondering life and what I can do to help you see me and my messages." The GIF illustrates you really worried about how to make your prospect notice you, which in turn makes you noticeable as well.

A great, funny sales GIF to use when it has been a long time between touchpoints is Titanic.
This GIF has been around for a very long time, and the general idea is understood: "Hello, I haven't written to you in a while, but now I'm back!" Couple it with a punchy, fun follow-up message, and you'll get quite the chuckle, which could very well turn into a meeting.

With follow-ups, you can also poke fun at yourself. You are continuously trying to reach out to these people for some sort of answer, and they are repeatedly receiving these messages. A

ny variation of 'I'm back!' will acknowledge this situation and break the ice a bit, and if you do it via GIF, it becomes humorous and a bright part of the day.

Some GIF examples to use here are:


GIFs are a great way to find common ground with prospects and should definitely be used by all BDRs working today in SaaS industries. But even beyond that, GIFs are a way to connect.

Humor and shared experiences connect us together. What is a sale but seeking a partnership with like-minded people?

If your prospect enjoys the GIFs you send them and responds to them, then you know they are precisely the type of person you want to sell to.

Today LinkedIn allows you to send GIFs via direct message. They've provided their users with this ability in a B2B-focused social media platform because they know it works and works well. If TikTok influencers and Instagram stories can result in sales, so can GIFs if used smartly and correctly.

At SalesPipe we encourage our SDRs to use their creativity when it comes to selling as much as they would like. Sometimes it works and sometimes doesn't, but the key is trying it all. GIFs have become a popular option on LinkedIn for us, and we strongly recommend and encourage it as a way to stand out from the pack.

If you're looking for adventurous, top SDRs, feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our SDR as a Service option, for both outbound and inbound sales!
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