Why Hire B2B List
Building Services

Building a list full of leads can be much easier.
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Most people are familiar with the phrase "It takes a village."

Your great idea can only go so far before you need the help and expertise of others. It's one thing to come up with the idea and yet another to execute it.

In sales, it's prudent to begin with, lead generation since we need customers to sell to. And this is where hiring a B2B list-building service will be extremely handy.

You can think of companies like these as an extended arm of your sales team, giving you the kickstart you need to get the ball rolling.

Why You Should Build a B2B List

Understanding a B2B list and why companies need to build one is important.

B2B prospect lists are a collection of the information of leads collected together based on an ideal customer profile that you might turn into real prospects and potential customers.

As such, if your company has a B2B sales model, you can imagine several reasons you should consider building a B2B list.

A good B2B list will produce high-quality leads with up-to-date and accurate information. The results of this list will deliver you a higher customer conversion rate, a lower CPA, and a streamlined sales process. To further convince you, here are a few reasons why it's such a good idea for your business's overall health and prosperity.

Good Email Addresses

Building a B2B list will give you reliable, quality email addresses you can count on.

And all sales and marketing teams need emails to contact: you need to make sure you find B2B emails you can contact to start a conversation.

These emails will be verified and updated, and they are likely interested in your product or service. They will make for unique leads specific to your industry that other companies may not be aware of.

Knowing The Prospects On The List

We know cold emails are an integral part of the sales process. But when building a solid B2B list, you want the prospects you're targeting to be warm, at the very least.

This list will contain legitimate email addresses you've earned, not taken from someone else's list or site.

That would only slow you down, and many of those would be useless to you in the long run.

Know who you're contacting and have a good reason, and you'll find yourself ahead of the game.

Grow & Maintain The List

Having a B2B list is just the start. You will find that any list is only as good as its information. You'll also learn you should never be content with what you initially have. It is important to continue to add to your list with qualified leads and current data.

You want to ensure you add to your first list and review older contacts to make necessary changes. Promotions, title changes, downsizing, and similar changes will all wreak havoc on your list if you're not paying attention.

Building a B2B list isn't easy and requires much work. You need to be sure your contacts are relevant and updated constantly.
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What Are B2B List Selling Services?

Quite simply, B2B list selling services help you build and maintain a B2B contact list that helps you start and grow your lead generation efforts. The leads in these lists are designed to become prospects and potential customers.

They have been pre-vetted and carefully selected according to the customer profile you created based on your service or product and research conducted on who would be the best customer for you.

Working with these companies means that you and your company do not have to take time away from your own work in developing product or service betterment and having key meetings to close deals. Another way to consider this is that you are outsourcing your lead-generation efforts. If you're interested, it's possible to outsource your sales development entirely as well.

The lists created by these services are beneficial for any business. The information provided helps plan out sales strategies and sales cadences. For example, depending on the type of information provided, you can create a B2B call list for your sales development representatives to focus on calling for a bit.

You can also separate them into B2B marketing lists or B2B sales lists, depending on how you decide you want to approach them based on the information you have.

For instance, if your leads are inbound, you might add them to a marketing cadence, and outbound leads would fit more in a sales cadence.
This is why these lists are important and prove that information is key for any business. Often, companies find out too late that their databases are outdated, contain inaccurate information, and are just plain useless.

Consider you've spent ample time putting together a list of information and sales cadences related to those lists. You've been doing all the touchpoints and sending them information, only to realize you've misspent your time and resources too late because the information was wrong, to begin with.

You want your B2B sales list always to be kept fresh and up-to-date. Time is money. If you're constantly trying to sift through leads that may or may not be accurate or relevant, you're wasting time that should be geared toward building relationships and closing deals.

A lot of work goes into forming and maintaining the right leads for your business. It's not an area that should be overlooked or thought to be something the "new hire" can do because no one else wants to.

Studies have shown that around 22% of the data kept in B2B contact lists become irrelevant each year.

That means that only 78% of your leads are workable. This can cripple any business that does not ensure they stay updated. And a B2B list-building service will help you stay at the top of your sales game.

How Do B2B List Building Services Work?

As we've seen, B2B list-building services have the experience, resources, and data strength to source high-quality data for your business constantly. The know-how and information they can provide will prove to be a significant boost to your bottom line.

But how do they work?

Think of it as an extension of your sales team. They will focus on the work that some companies find tedious and time-consuming. Regardless if you need help with both the inbound and outbound sales processes.

Let's take inbound sales first. Inbound sales is a customer-driven sales approach where leads come to your business then your sales team moves them through the funnel.

A good list building service will develop records relevant to your company from your inbound efforts. Typically this means leads have provided you with their information in some way or another, usually via a form.

In addition to the lead's basic information, they will obtain further information via research about why they might be interested in your company. This will be used to assemble the list so they can be contacted with the correct messaging.
Once the connection is made, just as you would with any inbound approach, you nurture the process: sending your prospects informative content that makes them want to hear more about why you're the right fit for them. After all, you must always keep in mind the needs of those you're trying to reach and tailor your approach accordingly.

What about an outbound approach? Different than inbound, of course, but just as important.

Outbound lead generation is finding potential prospects that may be interested, if unaware, in your product. B2B list-building services mean getting out there and after the exact leads and prospects you want using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

With outbound sales tactics, your team will likely become more proactive, which can bring high-end results in a timely fashion.

Every sales organization has its opinion on generating leads and which tools and processes it wants to implement. With B2B list-building services, though, you will get the best of both worlds and be better off because of it.
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Successful Examples of B2B List Building

There are many ways to build a successful B2B list, and the best companies find new and exciting ways to do just that. If the idea is to attract targeted and qualified leads, what better way than to bring people to your business because you showed them how good you are and what you can do for them?

Deloitte is a great example. Among the so-called 'Big Four' of the accounting industry, they offer countless professional services, such as consulting, auditing, and legal assistance, amongst others, to clients worldwide.

Deloitte put together an educational content hub called Deloitte Insights for each industry and topic they work in. This hub provides videos, in-depth reports, podcasts, articles, and more. The content is researched-based, with insights to help people and organizations reach their full potential. Deloitte's website now attracts close to ten million monthly visits, with popular business media personalities and companies regularly citing and backlinking their content.

It's easy to see in hindsight that this was a very good idea. You don't need hindsight, though to start thinking outside the box and allowing yourself to get creative.

Not only will your prospects be much more inclined to become customers, but your current customers will also take pride that they are partnered with such creative business people.
Another example of how to be creative with developing your B2B list is what Salesforce did. The popular CRM brand helps businesses connect with their existing and potential customers. And to attract even more people and more leads, they successfully ran a three-month content campaign that used humor, art, and creativity.

The campaign involved the creation of amusing videos on sales and marketing, highlighting customer success stories as animated slides and other visual marketing techniques. They knew what their prospective customers liked and gave it to them. This puts Salesforce in a customer-centric light, telling prospective customers that this is where they need to be.

The innovative content helped generate interest from new audiences and prospects. Due to this sudden spike in interest, Salesforce saw a significant increase in traffic, eBook downloads, and newsletter signups. This is not only an example of great B2B list building but also an example of a good idea with compelling execution to reach a common goal. Unique thinking and focused energy will lead you to places you haven't been before, likely leading you to success.

Gathering information and contacts shouldn't be a drag. If you view it that way, you've already lost. Instead, approach it with the same creativity and dedication as the examples mentioned previously.

There's no reason to believe you won't share in similar success if you get creative and take the time to develop your strategy.


So, should you hire a B2B list building service?

To ensure your sales processes are in tip-top shape and you continue generating revenue, outsourcing certain parts of the cycle results in faster turnaround and better prioritization for you. After all, creating a good list is hard work which is often time-consuming. Time is money as they say and your time is better spent doing something you're an expert at.

The examples in this article further demonstrate why hiring a B2B list building service is important for your business. Let the experts at list building help you so you can focus on running all of the other aspects of your business.

You should build your business while you let the other pros build your B2B lists.

Read more relevant articles and feel free to get in touch with us for help building your own B2B lead lists.
Post by Rob Janicke.