How to Use Cold Calling Services for Lead Generation

New leads can always come from a good, strategic call.
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Many companies have problems generating leads with cold calling.

It's common that they just don't understand it, they don't have the expertise in their sales team or they don't have the right sales tools and strategies. As a result, sales leaders choose to focus on other outreach methods and forget cold calling.

This is a mistake.

Despite the fact that only 2% of cold calls result in a sale, companies that abandoned their cold call approach had 42% less growth than those that use it.

So you see, a cold calling service can be the right option to fill up the sales funnel for your company - if you do it right.

What is Cold Calling as a Service (CCaaS)?

Cold Calling as a Service (CCaaS) is a business model or service offered by third-party companies to handle cold calling on behalf of other businesses. Instead of a company managing its own cold calling campaigns, it outsources this task to a specialized CCaaS provider.

Unlike warm calling, which involves contacting leads based on a previous relationship, cold calling entails contacting prospects with no prior relationship to increase lead generation and appointment setting. Cold calling requires a special type of salesperson, and specialized services can provide you with SDRs that are already experts in the art of cold sales.

Outsourcing cold calling thus provides businesses with expertise and saves money.

When a business outsources its cold calling function, it typically hires a third partner outside of its company activities to target new clients to sell its products or services. The service provider sets up a dedicated team of BDRs who will cold call prospects on your business's behalf.

Your outsourced team can use any of your existing cold-call scripts or create a new one, depending on your preference. They can also provide services like lead generation or appointment setting. A calling service will also be able to help your company to increase sales by interacting with new and current customers, getting your name out there, and providing you instant feedback.

Businesses outsource cold calling to improve the efficiency of their sales funnel, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Before Using a B2B Cold Calling Service

Before you decide to use a cold calling service, you should clarify certain things.

Identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer persona.

Cold calling is a difficult skill to learn. It is not, however, impossible.

Getting a deep understanding of which folks can benefit the most from your products and services is a wonderful place to start. You'll only have to put in a little more effort after that to figure out what your prospects want to hear, but this will be enough for your team to get started.

Defining your ICP can be done by asking questions about your target group. Take a look at your most valuable customers so far and try to identify patterns that connect them. Proactively asking your customers will also help create your ICP: they are already your customers, so they should be able to tell you better than anyone you should look for.

Once you have information about your ideal customer, create a buyer persona to represent your buyers. Considering that different types of customers may purchase your products for various reasons, you may need to create more than one buyer persona.

And finally, determine a budget: how much do you want to spend on your cold calling campaign?

Different cold calling businesses may appeal to clients with different budgets, while others may offer various services to fulfill various budgetary requirements. If you already know how much you want to invest, it makes conversations go faster and smoother.

Compiling all this information means you can start working with a B2B cold calling service. They will use everything you provide them to plan their campaign and start with lead generation.

What You Can Expect From a Cold Calling Service

But what will a cold calling service really do for you? A lot.

But there are at least three things that they will tick off your list and that you should watch for to make sure you've made the right investment.

B2B Cold Calling

B2B cold calling services are designed to provide targeted professional activities to quickly and easily attract new customers.

Understanding your target audience is essential for the success of a campaign strategy. It enables cold callers to plan accurately, collect accurate data, and prepare the appropriate script for your buyers.

The service provider works with your sales and business development teams throughout the planning process to ensure that the callers clearly understand the information they require to achieve positive results.

This allows you to stay on the same message while increasing your brand's credibility.

Lead Generation

Cold calling experts use the best sales tools in the industry to deliver B2B cold call solutions to assist you with potential lead generation and management.

The service provider aims to assist you in reaching your marketing objectives through proper lead generation, which can also be tailored to your specific requirements, and they can also qualify prospects for you.

Nurturing Leads

Having the ability and resources to handle potential customers' inquiries and nurture them until they are ready to become your customer belongs to the daily work of cold callers.

They will collaborate with you to create key buying cycles and will walk you through the strategic parameters of your company's development plan.
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How to Profit From Cold Calling Services

You are in trouble if your company does not have a strong sales strategy. On the other hand, if you have an expert involved in the process, you know that results will be delivered.

You wouldn't fix your own air conditioner. You'd bring in an expert. It's the same mentality.

And one of the ways to bring in an expert in sales that will help you profit is to use cold calling services. They have a variety of ways in which they can be used to keep the sales pipeline filling.

Reaching Out to New Prospects

If you have created your ideal customer profile and know the characteristics of your buyer persona you have the right basis to start your cold calling campaign.

But what if you're still struggling to get a full sales funnel?

Maybe your BDRs don't have the time to do enough dials a day because they have more tasks than just calling. Calling does take up a considerable amount of time.

This is when you should work with a service. These companies are specialists in their field and use the right tools and strategies to have a long list of leads and schedule as many meetings as possible for you.

Businesses with many leads can also benefit from the services of trained outbound professionals by asking them to qualify. Your AEs can focus on making the sales while the service provider will fill up your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

Fast Results When Testing New Markets or ICPs

A great moment to use a cold calling service is when your company launches a new product or service. Cold outreach and especially cold calling, is a method that delivers rapid results to gauge how the market reacts to your new offer.

Even if you don't launch a new product, reaching out to a new target group via cold calling will give you good feedback on your profile's interest.

Your sales team has a lot of other things to do right now and lacks time and possibly expertise for this task. A good cold-calling lead generation service will provide reliable and valid results and give you a quick indication of the reactions of the new market or customer group.

Let your sales team focus on closing while the cold-calling experts fill the pipeline.

Using a Cold Calling Service to Save Time

Whether testing a new market, reaching out to a new target group, or increasing the number of prospects to contact, a cold calling service will save you a lot of time.

Most businesses try to form an internal sales development team and hire cold callers. This process can be time-consuming and takes great expertise to manage.

You must also consider the time it takes to find the right talent.

How many websites are you posting to? How many interviews are you conducting?

Working with a calling service is going to save all of that time. The BDRs know how the job is done. No training is required, and they can hit the ground running right away. They come with a high level of expertise, after all.

Besides Time, Save a Lot of Money

Have you ever considered how much your company costs to hire and work with BDRs?

Not every company can afford a whole sales team.

The truth is, anyone who understands anything about hiring knows that it is an incredibly expensive process.

In addition, there are costs for training, tools, software, and payment.

A cold-calling lead generation service can provide B2B organizations with a low-cost alternative to hiring expensive SDRs while providing a better experience.

Instead, you just have to pay for your calling service. And you know that your SDR has the backing of a company behind them with all of the tools they need to complete their job.

Getting Feedback to Improve Your Business

The best part about using a cold calling service is getting the feedback you need to grow your performance constantly. By talking to customers and understanding their impressions, callers can learn what prospects really want in a product or service and why they might not be currently buying.

If the company has a program in place to input suggestions from every call, you will have a wealth of new information every week and a better understanding of how you can get better.

And you have the time to work on improving your product or service in response to this feedback. Outsourcing allows you to always be a step ahead of your customer's needs.

Companies that outsource cold calling have a much better chance of increasing sales and being happier with the results.

Clearly, having specialists do what they specialize in increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Cold Calling Services Increase Brand Awareness

It's not just about selling your products or services or moving on to the next stage of the purchasing process.

One of the primary goals of cold calling is to raise brand awareness and interest in your products or services among prospects.

And to achieve that desired outcome, salespeople must understand that they are on a cold call to connect and build a conversation to learn about potential customers' activities and interests.

It helps make them and your company memorable in the minds of your prospects, so they'll think of you the next time they feel that pain point.
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Don't be fooled - cold calling isn't going away anytime soon!

Many technologies, such as analytics tools, CRMs, and tracking systems, support cold calling lead generation activities.

Just remember to view it as a science-driven profession, due to how difficult it is to perform and execute.

Many companies are focusing on studies and research to better understand buyer psychology. You want to both encourage them to convert and improve your sales techniques.

Comparing the costs of having an in-house sales team against working with a calling service, underlines the affordability, rentability, and usability of a calling service made up of specialists.

Do you want to benefit from the best BDRs in the cold calling industry?

Get in touch with us and we'll connect you with our best reps!
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