Don't Use Fiverr for Cold Calling - Here's Why

There are better solutions than Fiverr.
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Sales and outreach have always been crucial factors for companies to generate revenue – big or small. With remote work on the rise, more and more companies are seeing the potential of outsourcing their cold calling efforts. An example is a trend of businesses turning to Fiverr contractors for cold calling, which has gained considerable momentum.

Cold call outsourcing is essentially a third-party overtaking your company's cold calling efforts. They reach out to clients on your behalf and offer your services and products to them for you.

Cold outreach, in general, often gets a bad reputation.

Many people claim that cold sales calling is dead.

That, however, isn't true if you do it properly. In fact, according to a RAIN Group study, 82% of buyers claim that they have accepted meetings with salespersons after a series of sales cold calls. So cold calling is worth it, even if finding a provider to do this might be draining on you.

In this article, we'll review what issues might arise from relying on Fiverr instead of dedicated outsourcing companies for your business's outbound outreach efforts.

Why Companies Use Fiverr Cold Calling

When looking for an outbound lead generation solution, companies often opt for the easiest, cheapest, and most time-effective route. After all, the task of reaching out to customers who a) either don't know about your business or b) have shown no interest in engaging with your business and convincing them to buy your products and services is a difficult one.

In fact, 63% of sales representatives say cold calling is what they dislike the most about their job roles.

Not only is the process a difficult one, but it is also tedious and takes a lot of time and effort. When internalizing your outbound processes, you need to hire, train, and retain sales development representatives (SDRs), which is expensive, both in terms of time and finances.

As a firm, you don't have to hire, fire, and deal with HR departments when using Fiverr. The freelancers on its platform can sell their services to any business anytime, and you can hire whichever one you want.

Here's a brief look into why companies work with Fiverr professionals.

Cheaper Price Point

Hiring a cold caller on Fiverr lets companies enjoy cheaper lead generation costs. For instance, if a company in the US sets up cold calling services in-house, it will end up costing them more than simply outsourcing the job to an SDR on Fiverr.

Additionally, the cost of replicating a lead generation program needs a lot more than just people: it also requires sales tools and technology.

They can be physical, such as a headset, or virtual, with a program like AirCall. This is costly. On top of all that, companies also have to worry about overhead costs and turnover.

Hence, outsourcing cold calling helps an organization save costs on setting up its own physical call center, spending money on equipment, training, and much more.

With services starting from as low as $5, its price point is ultimately the biggest strength of using Fiverr.

Quick Turnaround Time

Time is money.

The last thing a business needs is to waste its time. Whether inbound prospecting or outbound lead generation, setting up a dedicated team internally takes time.

Additionally, the time training takes away from the company's day-to-day activities is another added element of loss. The worst-case scenario is losing sales team members. At that point, the company loses money without any chance of recouping.

When you hire on Fiverr, you have a sales rep ready to go – no training required. All that is left for them to do is learn about your business and make calls.

Simplifying Workload

Many B2B businesses make the mistake of making their internal business development reps handle sales activities and deliver pitches, too. This turns out to be the perfect recipe for creating burnt-out employees.

The best way to create an effective outbound strategy is by breaking your sales tasks into different teams.

For instance, one team would be responsible for setting appointments while the other can manage the sales pipeline so that reps can concentrate on generating and qualifying leads.

Hiring a freelance cold caller eases this workload by taking away some responsibility. This way, company workers can do what they do best in their own time.
Why outsource sales calls

The Disadvantages of Fiverr Cold Calling

While outsourcing generally has tremendous potential, Fiverr cold calling does not come without risks. With a cheaper price tag, there always comes a compromise in the quality of the service provided.

When a company hires a freelance cold caller, the third party handles the entire cold calling process of the business. They represent your company and your product. You want to research and educate yourself about who you hire to represent your brand.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Fiverr cold calling is that you don't get to be in the loop - they do their own thing. If you instead hire a sales representative internally or buy the services of a cold calling company, it gives you more control over your lead pipeline.

More control over the process also allows you to decide what kind of tools you want to work with and pay for.
A freelance cold-calling rep may reach out to you once or twice – if even that – during the entire lead generation process. Often, there is not even a definite outbound process in place. Without a set outbound lead generation process, you will be left in the dark, lacking information and valuable, real-time insights into whether the target audience that is being pursued is even accurate.

A freelance cold caller cannot provide the insight that deeply analyzes your target market and ideal SaaS buyer persona. If you hire a freelance calling service, you may have to conduct your own market research to gain insight into who your company should be reaching out to. With this lack of specification and targeting, there is no guarantee that the freelancer will hit their mark.

This makes the quality of the leads questionable.

What do we mean when we talk about lead quality?

When it comes to generating leads, not only is it the quantity that matters but so does the quality. You may hire a cold-calling expert who has generated some leads. However, if those leads don't turn into paying customers and are not part of your ideal customer profile, the effort is as good as wasted.

This leads to low conversion rates. Essentially, you've wasted time, money, and resources on the startup. It costs you more in the long run as the lead generation process never results in real revenue.

And remember, freelancers, are not affiliated or registered with a company. Naturally, this makes way for a greater chance of scammers and cheaters out there. You may give sensitive or confidential information to the freelance worker. However, there is no guarantee that it won't be tampered with in some way, shape, or form. This puts your data security at risk.

Other risks of working with Fiverr cold calling services include the following:


You never really know what product you are going to end up with.

You don't know how well things are going or how many leads you will receive until the work is complete.

No Prospects Long-Term

If you find a freelancer that provides quality service, you may want to establish a long-term relationship with them.

However, that is not possible when working through freelancing platforms, as there will be rules for buyers and sellers to get in touch directly. Moreover, freelancers work with several different clients at once, making it almost impossible for them to commit to one buyer.

Language Barrier

Your remote outsource freelance caller may misunderstand your instructions, which would then affect the final product.

It's a lot harder to clear things up without face-to-face interaction, or a native speaker.

At the end of the day, you cannot outsource the love and care you have for your prospects to a freelancer.

While the monetary cost is lower, you must pay the ultimate subpar output price.

What to Do Instead of Fiverr

Cold calling is a tough job. Not only does it require great salespeople making the calls, but it also requires cutting-edge tools and a detailed process, all of which you may not have the finances and time to commit to.

As a result, many companies opt out of the process and work on other lead-generation tactics.

This is a missed opportunity.

Cold calling can be a powerful technique for sales developemnt. Excluding it from your lead generation strategy can affect your sales process detrimentally.

But with most salespeople finding it harder to sell today than five years ago, it only makes sense for companies to outsource their outbound efforts. Instead of relying on Fiverr or other freelance platforms, though, organizations should work with dedicated third-party cold calling services.

An SDR outsourcing company comes with many service benefits that you would otherwise miss out on by using Fiverr. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Decreased Workload & Increased Productivity

While crucial, cold calling can be cumbersome for your employees. On average, salespeople spend only one-third of their day interacting with prospects. This isn't nearly enough.

When you outsource cold calling, the third-party provider will focus their entire energy on reaching out to people and increasing the response rate.

This will take the load off of your in-house sales and business reps, leaving more time on their hands to focus on core sales activities.

Efficiency & Accuracy

Outsourcing cold calling agencies have trained professionals who are meant to do one thing only – cold calling.

This results in an efficient outbound lead generation system with the right tools and better procedures.

Value For The Money

One of the biggest reasons companies should outsource cold calling is because it saves them money.

Aside from being well within the budget, cold calling companies also provide high-quality services – often being flexible with their rates.

Better Insights

Cold calling is a lengthy process. So, how can one expect their sales team to bring in consumers and draw insights?

This is where outsourced cold calling greatly helps.

Simply put, cold-calling companies do their homework.

Consequently, they give you detailed insights into your target market, customers, and everything in between.

Access to Experts & High-Tech Tools

Outsourcing gives startups access to an entire team of professionals specializing in sales. Even better, you don't have to train them in-house.

An outsourced sales team is already familiar with successfully pulling off a sales program. All they need to learn about is your business.

Not only that, but this team of experts brings with them the tools and technology needed to see a process through successfully. Most organizations nowadays spend substantially more on technology than ever before.

You won't have to worry about investing in technology with an outsourced team, as the third party will handle it.

Ability to Follow Up Effectively

42% of individuals would purchase if the sales representative followed up with another call at an agreed-upon time. This makes following up a crucial sales tactic.

Unfortunately, hiring a cold caller on Fiverr won't give you that. Their service only lasts as long as the duration of the order.

On the other hand, an SDR outsourcing company will never let your leads get lost in the weeds as they always follow up and re-engage with old leads and add them to the funnel.
Benefits of cold calling companies


As the famous saying goes, "nothing good comes easy."

A lot more work than expected goes into providing cold calling services, and you want to make sure you are investing in generating your revenue.

Taking the convenient and cheaper route of Fiver cold calling may seem like a solution. But doing things the right way is much more rewarding if you want to experience long-term benefits from your cold calling and outbound marketing efforts.

By hiring an outsourced SDR from a reputable company, businesses are able to generate leads via cold calls through a set of talented, vetted professionals. And spend the rest of their time and efforts closing sales and further developing as a business.

Interested in trying this out for yourself? Get in touch with us to find out how SalesPipe can help your cold outreach.