Sales Outsourcing for
Business Growth

How you grow more by outsourcing your sales.
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Outsourcing is a great way to grow your business without breaking the bank.

You can get in specialists to help you develop and expand while keeping an eye on our revenue and ensuring you're making ends meet.

Let's take a look into how sales outsourcing promotes business growth, and if it's right for you.

Read on!

What Type of Companies Can Benefit From
Sales Outsourcing?

SaaS Companies

A SaaS company is a company that offers Software as a Service. The company provides software, and it exists within its servers: users can access it remotely. Typically, this type of business runs on subscriptions from customers. They often also offer a free trial or discount to draw them in.

Examples of SaaS companies include Salesforce, Asana, WordPress, etc.

Outsourcing sales is a great option for SaaS companies looking to grow steadily because it allows them to take things at a time. They receive quick feedback from prospects on their products, and they can try out different strategies and new markets or products without impacting their regular sales tasks.

SaaS moves fast, and an outsourced sales professional can match their new for speed.


Startsup are companies that seek to disrupt - examples include AirBnB, Peloton, Netflix, Uber, and more. All companies that have disrupted the specific industries they were in.

Startups require funding and they have goals that they have to reach very quickly to prove to their funders that they are viable. And so they can continue to secure funding. Additionally, they want to connect with potential users of their proposed product or service to further refine their offer.

To do this, they need to sell a minimum amount as they move through funding rounds. Outsourcing their sales tasks is a great move. It puts them in touch with specialists that can help them meet their goals via volume, messaging, and accurate targeting.

It also frees up their time to continue searching for funding options and devote themselves to the leads and prospects their outsourced SDR or team sends their way. And they can keep an eye on how much outsourcing it costing and select to continue, stop, pause, or resume the service at any time, without spending time and money on hiring their own sales team from the get-go.

A great option and solution.


Fintech companies are focused on a sensitive, continually developing, and innovating space. It grows quickly, but it can also fall quickly.

Outsourced sales teams or individuals are a great option for Fintechs to utilize, as outsourcing can march the unpredictable nature of the industry. By outsourcing, fintech heads can free up their own space and time to focus on refining the product and keeping an eye on the state of the industry.

And they can pull out or back into outsourcing based on how the industry is responding as well. The commitment is a lot lower than it is to hire a full-time or even part-time employee, and they get an expert salesperson right away.


Healthtech is, in many ways, uncharted territory - they can make people nervous.

Working in healthtech sales requires a lot of time, patience, effort, and slow relationship-building, as well as a great message. Founders and CEOs don't have the time to devote to this as they're concentrating on responding to the existing client base and keeping them happy, while also further refining their product.

Outsourced sales teams can be brought in to fully devote themselves to building pipeline. In healthcare and related industries, this tends to be a slow-going process, and having a team or individual fully committed to this without being pulled into additional company tasks is a great investment.

Services (Marketing, Software Development, etc)

Outsourcing sales is a great option for any company providing services for their clients, from marketing to software development. These types of firms or individuals usually are experts at what they do and offer, but promotion their business and doing outreach can be a tough nut to crack.

Bringing in a specialist via outsourcing is a great way to continue to build pipeline at a steady pace, while not being overwhelmed or feeling like you're not reaching enough clients. Outsourced salespeople will know what type of outreach they can try out, and quickly figure out what works and doesn't.

This way, firms and individuals offering services can focus on what they do best, which is deliver that service, and growing the relationship with the clients the outsourced salesperson connects them with.

What Services do Sales Outsourcing
Companies Deliver?

The type of services a sales outsourcing company such as SalesPipe delivers to its clients is focused on outreach.

Anything from strategizing to taking over outreach tasks, or even inbound lead management, sales outsourcing companies can take care of for you. At their core, they offer:

Cold Emailing

Any sales outsourcing company worth your time will know the ins and outs of cold emailing. Our specialty is in crafting the perfect, short, timely, and personalized message that demonstrates to prospective clients we understand their needs and we have their solution.

With an outsourced sales team or person, you can also increase your volume far more than usual. You can start to experiment with different types of messaging, CTAs, customer profiles, and even new markets in different languages or countries. And you know you've got an expert dedicated to guiding you through the process as well, fully focused on helping you figure out the winning strategy.

Additionally, experienced outsourcing companies and outsourced sales professionals know the importance of email deliverability. This ensures cold emails actually make it to prospects and your email domain is not ending up in spam.

If the outsourcing sales company you're talking with is unfamiliar with this, they haven't been paying enough attention, and you should look for someone who has.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is still one of the best ways to make that sale happen or connect with a prospect.

As much as it's maligned, a cold call allows you to connect with prospects and truly start a fruitful conversation that can lead to a sale.

Of course, cold calling is time-consuming, it is hard, and it is difficult for anyone to complete. If there are additional tasks, it becomes even harder. Learning how to cold call effectively is also a huge process of its own for any new salesperson.

Enter your sales outsourcing company:

Expert cold callers that can fully dedicate themselves to helping you grow your business. And at the same time, they provide you with all the industry feedback you may need to refine your product or service, as well as your scripting.

More than ever before, sales is about connecting, and a cold call is a great way to do so. Sales outsourcing companies can take over this task for companies to make sure that the prospective clients they connect with company leaders such as yourself are already familiar with your product, and are excited, to meet with you.

Social Selling

We spoke of disruptive startups above, and one such example is LinkedIn. The world of B2B has never been the same, nor has networking.

On LinkedIn, it's possible for sales professionals to build relationships with prospects over time and connect them with the service or product they offer. This is known as social selling.

Aside from connecting with prospects and messaging them, salespeople can share posts, write posts, comment, and like posts of their prospects but also of the company. They serve to further build your brand reputation so that by the time the prospect responds, they are somewhat more familiar with the offer.

As with cold calling, social selling takes quite a bit of time and innovation in terms of approach. Sales outsourcing companies are familiar with the different ways they can approach prospects, and they're not afraid to experiment either. And they can dedicate large parts of their day exclusively to making it happen.

Omnichannel Outreach

An omnichannel outreach approach from your sales outsourcing company essentially means they can do all of the above for you.

Some companies may only offer emailing or calls, other such as SalesPipe, can connect you with specialists willing and able to do all three. This can create sales sequences that combine all the outreach, increasing the chances of a response, and allowing you to further filter your prospects.

In the end, this type of approach allows your business to grow further, quicker.


Outsourcing your sales team used to be considered impossible - it was thought that they required incredible knowledge of the company to truly make the sale happen.

This is no longer the case.

Sales outsourcing may well be the key to business growth going forward: you can have someone fully dedicated to helping you build early-stage pipeline and finding you new prospective customers.

The focus in sales outsourcing is helping you make the right connections, and to be an outsourced salesperson you know it's someone with expertise and knowledge.

If you're interested in sales outsourcing for business growth, get in touch with our team at SalesPipe - we'll be happy to connect you with our experts.
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