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Your guide to outsourcing sales.
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Is it time to grow your business and sell fast, but you don't have the time or the budget to hire a sales team?

Then outsourcing sales is the move you want to make.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, in-house sales development representative (SDR), you can outsource to a specialized firm and find a rock-star rep for your company.

Let's delve into how to get this done.

What is an Outsourced SDR?

An outsourced SDR completes the same tasks as an in-house SDR.

They send out emails, perform a certain amount of calls per day, and leverage their social media – all to get you meetings on your calendar with potential clients.

In addition to all of these daily tasks, they also perform research, receive and send feedback, and are instrumental in raising the brand awareness of you and your company.

The difference is – they do it all without the need for an extensive and long hiring process!

An outsourced SDR from a company is typically part of a monthly payment plan: they get paid by their firm. This means that you do not have to account for additional costs and that your SDR can be from anywhere in the world.

As they usually work remotely, outsourced SDRs generally keep clients updated via email, notifying them of meetings, and having weekly check-in calls.

Their flexibility is key to their success. Outsourced SDRs are able to try out new strategies constantly, offering immediate feedback to the client regarding the reception of their company. They can leverage social media, try different scripts for emails or calls, and instantly pivot or swerve their approach.

Outsourced SDRs are masters of their craft, and unafraid to try different things. An in-house hire will typically second-guess and feel as if they need to run everything by a superior first.

Not so your outsourced talent.

But if you're not sure yet, here are some more reasons to consider outsourcing your sales talent right now.

Why Outsource Sales Operations?

Save Time to Focus On Other Aspects of Your Company

The first reason has already been mentioned: you are able to obtain a quality SDR without going through a long hiring process.

It saves you time and gives you space to focus on other aspects of your company. Consider that with an outsourced SDR found through a quality outsourcing company, you save yourself at least 28 days of the hiring process. Now imagine what you could do with all that time: close more deals, improve your product, and create new products – the possibilities are endless.

And all because you decided to outsource instead of hiring yourself.

No Need For Training or Onboarding

Outsourced SDRs will also hit the ground running: they need little to no onboarding or training, simply the specifics of your goals and your principal product. From there, they can build the ideal customer profile and start hunting down the right prospects for you. They are familiar with most sales tech stacks and can simply adjust to what you already use.

And this is all possible because outsourced SDRs are experienced SDRs.

Experienced SDRs Get Quicker Results

You will see the effect of an experienced SDR on your pipeline a lot faster. Experienced SDRs are familiar with rejection, moving past it, and re-strategizing constantly – key qualities in any good SDR. Newer reps will take some time to truly get up to speed – time you may not have if you're seeking to grow quickly or need feedback.

An outsourced SDR is your answer, then.

Outsourced SDRs Will Always Be Friendlier for Your Budget

Finally, the bottom line is that an outsourced SDR is cost-effective in a way an in-house SDR will rarely be.

The SDR role is notoriously difficult to fill for long periods of time. You don't want this to happen.

Imagine: you have spent time and money setting up a hiring process. You hired the right individual. You spent time and money again onboarding them and training them. You waited the customary six months to gauge the effect they are having on your pipeline…only for your rep to jump ship at the five-month mark.

It can end up being an absolute drain on your resources that you are not even sure paid off.

Instead, by outsourcing, you have a dedicated firm and company behind your reps. You know who to turn to in case anything goes wrong, and you can even have a new SDR whenever you need it. You simply pay a monthly fee, as opposed to having to take on the brunt of the expenses upfront, without any clear indication it will be worth it.

Outsourcing has been proven to save money for companies. And if you're looking to grow quickly without spending too much money or time, outsourcing your SDR is the right way to go.

But how to do it?

Don't worry, we've got your back.

How to Outsource SDRs with SalesPipe

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At SalesPipe we've been in the business of outsourcing SDRs for a long time.

So trust us when we say, we know the formula, and we know it well.

Our CEO is always happy to meet with prospective clients that fill out our form. He will follow up with all interested parties and offer to have a video call.

During the call, you can express your ideal SDR profile for your needs. We work within reason and are proud to always find the ideal candidate.

SaaS experience in your SDR? It's our specialty.

Cold calling heavy job? Get the tools ready, because we have the talent.

Cold emailing and social selling? Our SDRs are experts in leveraging their LinkedIn's for our clients.

Is heavy research into your particular industry required? The best SDRs are sleuths and detectives, we know that, and we have that.

Need a British SDR because that's the space you work in? No problem.

Looking to expand internationally and want SDRs that speak multiple languages? We got you.

Just from that initial meeting, our CEO will be working with you to find the right SDR for your company from our vast, experienced talent pool.

It's easy as pie to outsource with us, so why not save yourself the stress, hassle, and cost of hiring internally?

We're here to help you whenever you're ready to make that step.


You have little time and a need to truly grow your business – especially if you're a start-up.

Salespeople are key positions in this exact moment you find yourself in, so you don't want to jump the gun by going all in on anyone just yet.

Your solution?


Ensure that you get top-quality, talented SDRs after just one call with our SalesPipe CEO, and you'll start seeing those meetings and clients show up in no time.

Our team here at SalesPipe is made up of the best, most experienced SaaS SDRs you are sure to find anywhere.

Avoid long hiring processes, expensive onboarding procedures, and inexperienced SDRs – outsource for the best.

Simply fill out your details, and we'll be in touch!
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