Best Sales Enablement Tools of 2022

A review of the best 2022 had to offer.
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As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a look back at the fantastic tech we tried out this year.

There are always new tools out there for salespeople to try to better their performance.

Without further ado, let us present you with the best sales enablement tools of 2022!

What Are Sales Enablement Tools?

But before we do that, let's review what a sales enablement tool actually is:
In short, sales enablement tools are meant to make sales easier for sales professionals.

Anything from a prospecting tool to a writing tool falls under this umbrella term.

They should be an investment that demonstrates its worth quite quickly, whether that is by time saved due to automation or an increase in emails sent. Other options include helping you organize your prospect and customer data for easier outreach.

Their main purpose is to help you and your team stay on top of your pipeline and create opportunities for you to sell more and better.

Anything that does not work in this direction is something you can evaluate removing.

So what are some you should keep or consider using?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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The first sales enablement tool we recommend is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

As the world of B2B social networking is still largely focused on LinkedIn, as is the most up-to-date information, Sales Navigator remains an incredibly useful tool.

Your team can use it for in-depth prospecting.

By making use of all the search options available, which can be set to update or remove anyone you've already added automatically, salespeople can create and build lead lists for a variety of profiles or target audiences. Depending on the type of subscription your company pays, you can even share them amongst team members.

You can use these lists for InMailing within the platform to bring you closer to your prospects or extract them for Direct Messaging or cold emailing with an additional tool.

It should be noted that InMailing is not always the best way to generate responses. Also, it can be difficult to share or extract information if you are not willing to pay for additional features or add another tool.

Similarly, if the industry you work in or the profile you are targeting is outside of LinkedIn, you may also find that it is not worth the money. Others have found that with the use of a personal LinkedIn account it is also enough and possible to excel at sales, not needing to invest in Sales Navigator.

Finally, there is a one-month free trial.

We strongly recommend anyone starting out give it a try, especially as you begin to explore your industry and customer profile. If it's not for you, you can always cancel before your month is up.


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If LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not working for you, then Amplemarket is a great option.

Its searcher option is a great starting point to begin narrowing down and researching prospects in your industry. While it uses LinkedIn for a lot of this data, it also has data from outside the social network. Do be aware that it is often a bit behind in terms of changes in job or title, so double-checking goes a long way.

If you're inputting data from a CSV file or utilizing its integrations with LinkedIn, it also provides verified emails and phone numbers so that you can reduce your bound rate and have better email deliverability.

Amplemarket also allows you to create sales cadences with multiple and different touchpoints. From email to phone calls to LinkedIn-related actions, you can program and automate many of your otherwise time-consuming tasks.

While the focus is email, allowing you to send several emails per day from at least four mailboxes in its most basic form, the addition of a dialer and LinkedIn actions is unique. And it helps you warm up your email.

The tool helps you keep track of your KPIs with open rates and bounce rates, check who is opening your emails most often, and re-contact those specific prospects for later follow-ups.

You can also set up smart actions to have ready responses for OOO's or Not Interested responses, and it can parse between different types of responses you may receive, helping you say organized.

It should be noted that there is a limit to the number of email and phone credit the tools provides access to on a monthly basis. Similarly, there's a limit to how many emails you are permitted to send per day and, if email sequences pile up, the tool may skip a day or switch some to the day after, slowing you down.

Finally, if you utilize the tool in conjunction with LinkedIn too often, it may log you out of your LinkedIn account.

Despite its shortcomings, Amplemarket is an amazing tool that serves multiple purposes for salespeople in one single form.


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HubSpot is a Customer relationship management (CRM) tool that, as its name suggests, helps you stay on top of your clients and their needs. Other examples of such tools include Salesforce and Pipedrive. These tools also tend to help marketing.

In sales, this means it keeps the team updated on new leads, whether outbound or inbound, ensuring that everyone is informed and on the same page with each lead and its place in the pipeline.

They also allow you to set up email sequences and control the results, allowing you to gauge what is working and understand your target audience better. By adding notes to each prospect and segmenting your email sending, you can share your finding with your team collaboratively.

You do have to upload your own lead lists from CSV or excel files.

Additionally, CRMs such as HubSpot that have so much to offer always come with a learning curve for your team. It may lead to duplication of leads or tasks within the team, which can cause friction and frustration amongst team members when it is discovered.

It is best to ensure that this is the type of CRM you want and works well for your needs before diving in headfirst.


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As fans of cold emailing, Lavender has been on our radar for a while.

It is a great tool that analyzes your email copy to help you write the best possible cold email you can. Through AI, the service assigns you a grade based on comparisons with emails that have led to high reply rates.

Comparing your writing to others creates competition. And you will want to do better to reach a better score, leading your email copy to improve. This is especially attractive for beginners in sales.

If your outreach is call or video-based, however, you may not want to go through the effort of paying for Lavender. You can run your call script, but ultimately, it will depend on the moment.

Additionally, you should remember that your copy may still work regardless of what the tool says.

You can take it as a guideline, but at the end of the day, you should know your audience best.

And, as it is a fairly new tool, it is constantly evolving and has new updates, so there will be some growing pains attached.


2022 may be ending, but the best sales enablement tools of the year are definitely here to stay.

Whether you need to add a new prospecting tool, a CRM, or an aid to your cold emailing, these tools are a must for any SDR looking to grow.

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