What is an Outsourced Sales Company?

Learn what are outsourced sales companies.
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Any company, no matter where it is based, can locate potential customers and make deals online. You may not be able to rely on internal people to generate sales because of financial or time restrictions. Therefore, outsourced sales teams might be a good option for you.

This article will define what outsourced sales teams are, how they work, and which companies exist in this field.

What is an Outsourced Sales Company?

When a company outsources sales activities, it hires a third-party company to handle those functions. You can choose to outsource just sales or both sales and marketing because some outsourced sales companies include marketing in their contracts.

When a company decides to outsource sales, it hires professionals to do those tasks instead of having employees in-house do them.

When you outsource parts of your sales department, you pay a fixed monthly fee or some negotiated percentage of sales instead of an hourly rate to the third party.

Outsourced sales companies usually offer packages with standard rates for specific services, such as lead generation, direct marketing, telemarketing, appointment setting, and others.

An excellent outsourced sales company understands your business goals and has the experience to assist you in reaching those objectives. They are not brokers nor middlemen that only get a commission from transactions.

What Do Outsourced Sales Teams Do?

An outsourced sales team is a group of SDRs that will take over your lead generation and lead qualification tasks.

You hire them to sell your products or services, freeing up your time and resources so you can focus on other business tasks.

The main function of outsourced sales teams is to book meetings with prospects and leads so they can meet with someone else in your organization. Generally, this is someone who sells products and services directly to the lead. The SDR books the meeting, and someone else usually takes the meeting.

The goal of the meeting is to see if the prospect should become a lead or not.

The methods of outreach performed by outsourced SDR teams mainly depend on the business they are working for.

Some organizations prefer SDRs to spend most of their time cold-calling. Others prefer their outsourced SDRs to spend most of their time emailing and doing LinkedIn outreach.

Companies have outsourced SDRs that send email campaigns, also known as email sequences. Email campaigns are a series of sales emails sent to prospects.

An outsourcing firm that employs inside salespeople can manage your inbound lead pipeline. Because these leads need to be qualified and handled correctly, this is an advantage.
An inside sales outsourcing company can manage your inbound lead pipeline for you, providing another advantage. This relates to how these leads need to be qualified and handled.

Inbound sales are all about turning prospects into leads, and if someone expresses interest in your product or service, they are already a lead. Good outsourced sales teams will determine whether the lead is worth your time and effort.

Before forwarding any leads down the sales pipeline, lead qualification is critical. Your outsourced sales team will ensure that your company's sales process is as smooth as possible.

Your outsourced inside sales team will be able to separate and filter out the prospects and leads who actually need your product or service from those that do not.

Once this is accomplished, the outsourced team will be ready to push your potential customer to your account executive.

3 Reasons to Consider Sales Outsourcing

Save Time

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing sales and marketing is that it saves you time.

This means you can get more done in less time.

No more time is spent on training and managing employees to do the work. No more time spent trying to find leads, setting appointments, or performing other sales and marketing tasks that you don't have to do anymore.

Save Money

Another reason to outsource sales is that it saves you money.

Though this is only true if you hire the right outsourced sales company.

You will lose money if you hire someone whose hourly rate is lower than the sales they bring in through commission. You will save money if you hire someone whose commission rate is lower than the sales they bring in.

Find Solutions to Problems

Perhaps you have a certain problem with your sales and marketing efforts.

Outsourcing sales and marketing allows you to hire experts to provide solutions to these problems. No more going at it alone.

Best 5 B2B Sales Outsourcing Companies


For industries such as SaaS, Hospitality, Healthcare, Consulting, and eCommerce, Amplemarket provides Sales Intelligence software for generating leads. The Amplemarket lead generation module provides lists of prospects based on job title, industry, location, and other filters.

It enables automated follow-ups across multiple channels as well as customized email cadences. The tool tracks the most successful email campaigns. Amplemarket's Smart Action module automates workflows and extracts information from business emails to add to sales flows.


Sales reps can send messages through GlockApps, an inbox delivery and spam filter testing service to verify whether an email will be delivered.

Users can learn whether their emails are delivered to Gmail's Primary, Social, or Promotions tabs and whether their messages are blocked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator premium service on LinkedIn allows you to connect with your target audience and generate leads in just a few clicks. With Sales Navigator, you can prospect for sales leads on LinkedIn in just a few clicks.

Sales Navigator is the optimal LinkedIn experience for people seeking sales prospects, thanks to its many functions specially designed for this purpose. You can evaluate whether Sales Navigator is worth investing in by requesting a free 30-day trial from LinkedIn.


SalesPanel is a lead generation and sales intelligence software that helps you identify, track and qualify your leads.

You can outsource or automate sales tasks like tracking sales emails, automatically gathering sales intelligence and data from the marketing team, qualifying leads, and knowing the purchase intent of leads in the pipeline.

SalesPanel offers an array of features that help your sales team become more productive, qualify more leads, and add close more deals.


ZoomInfo is a B2B sales intelligence tool with a comprehensive contact database to assist your sales and business development teams work with better lead data.

Businesses that need to get in touch with prospects quickly and efficiently often choose ZoomInfo as their first choice.

It provides companies with critical information about their prospects.

For example, when you buy business leads, you can obtain work emails, phone numbers, and work mobile numbers.

It is critical for SDRs to have mobile numbers when working with remote employees because they need to be able to get in touch quickly and efficiently.


Sales outsourcing is a great option for small business owners who want to grow their business but don't want to take on an in-house sales team.

Outsourced sales teams are efficient, experienced, and highly competitive in their industry.

They know what it takes to make a sale.

They have the tools, experience, and relationships to make it happen.

To make sure you're getting the most out of your outsourced sales team, make sure to choose the right company for your needs.

Check their references, credentials, and methods to ensure they fit your business well. Once you have a sales outsourcing company on board, you can focus on growing your company with less worry.

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